Saturday, August 06, 2005

I finally got myself something from Bloom Cosmetics

I've known this brand Bloom for quite sometime now but strangely i haven't bought myself anything from the brand before.

Last wednesday i went to Sungei Wang and i happen to drop by Sasa and Bloom was on 30% discounts. Normally i wouldnt buy stuffs from Blooms cos well, the cosmetics are really costly. I'd rather get something from Stilla or Estee Lauder. At blooms, the lipsticks, lip glosses and all were typically tag
at between RM 50- RM80. Its on the high-side if you ask me.

However, since its 30% off this time around, i chose to give it a try. I got myself a Lip Gloss with the shade called "Daydream". Indeed the shade is dreamy, its a shade of nude with a tint of purple.

I must say after using it today that its quite good really. Its written on the box that its flavoured with mandarin and vanilla oils. Therefore the feel is rather moisturizing and well, oily of course.

Bloom is manufactured in Australia. You can visit the website at

I like the products but i wouldnt buy it if
it wasn't for the 30% discount. Its quite expensive if you ask me. But i do love the design and packaging. After discount, my lip gloss costs around RM 40. I think i'd like to get another one. The Pink one!!!!! hehe...can't stop thinking about it since i came back. I was choosing between the pink and the nude color. OK, if i see blooms again im getting the one in pink. Another one that got my attention is called the Lip Lacquer, in the shade called "Twinkle". Its purplish but very light. Looks like this.

heres my lip gloss


mudslinger said...

you got bloom? wow. i've always wanted to, but never had the chance because as you said it's quite pricey.
maybe i'll go see sasa.... thanks for the info!

irenekay said...

I got mine in SG, which its slightly cheaper...hrmmm i thought they stop carrying Bloom since they took off the counter in SASA b'sar.... but i rather spend on stilla