Monday, August 15, 2005

"Huh??People going to the moon the second time already and you don't have an email address????"

The Fiance recently called the bank asking for some information about loan repayment and stuffs.
After talking for awhile it seems that he didn't manage to get what he asked for and the bank officer owed him a pieace of information.

Before putting down the phone, This is how the conversation goes.

The Fiance:"can you please send an email to me about yadayaddayadda...."

Bank Officer: "Sorry encik saya tak ada email." (sorry sir i don't have an email).

The Fiance: (shoked beyond belief) "Haaaaarrr???? you tak ada email?? People going to the moon the second time already you belum ada email???"

Bank Officer: "hahaha....hehe......errr....errrr"

The Fiance: "OKla, can you drop me an sms later....."

Bank Officer: "SMS pun tak ada la"

The Fiance: !!!!!!!! "SMS pun takde?? ...............then nevermiind lah"

I'm puzzled. Are you sure Bank Officer's dont each have en email address for correspondence??? Or is this girl just totally BLUR like sotong???

Fashionasia oso blur like sotong (as blur as a squid)


d4g said...

well if the bank is a major commercial bank, i'm sure every employee should have a company email address..or maybe he was just a customer service representitive or maybe someone new there... who knows...very odd though for an employee not to have an email address

Anonymous said...

bank employees dont get internet access to prevent hacking and virii from infecting the bank's computers.

irenekay said...

i'm sure they should, each company should have their antivirus and firewall and etc..., i think the officer are jus plain LAZY!!!

Anonymous said...

lol u are rebutting my facts with your opinion

Fashionasia said...

centerpide: yes its a commercial bank. Hmm....customer service rep ya? I think maybe so too.

anonymous: hi. You sure they don't get internet access??? Thats very backward of us isn't it? But i guess its hard to verify legitimate emails from Banks too nowadays. I get bogus citibank emails all the time.

irene: hi irene, ya thats what i think too. Even if virus or watever is the problem, it shouldnt prevent them from using emails for correspondence. They should think of a way to overcome it than to just avoid the problem. Email is essential.

anjali* said...

Haa. Talk about severe case of frog under the coconut shell. :-)

Boringest said...

maybe it's because she don't wanna give you? =P