Tuesday, August 09, 2005

First time I hit an animal.......blame it on the haze!!!

I'm such a freaking goody goody I would never hurt an animal.

Today I went to Putrajaya and on my way back I hit a bird. I feel so bad. This is the first time in my life i hurt an animal. :( bahhhumbarg.........(correct spelling ah?)

Its not my fault that the bird is flying low and totally drop to my car level just when i reach it.........*thub*..............i saw feathers flying........I totally panicked!!!!! But i still continued driving. As i look back at my rearview mirror i saw the bird flew up again.....slightly groggy but i think its alive. *sigh of relief*. Hope its not hurt too bad. Thank God i'm driving a small car and i manage to slow down to a minimal speed at the time of impact.

On my way back I kept noticing birds....birds and more birds............ Its weird!! All them birds are flying all-time low today. It must be the haze!!!!! Yup i'm sure it is.....cos I had to evade another bird again later on. The haze today is extremely bad. It stinks...the smell is chocking me and visibility is probably a few meters only. We need rain.

Fashionasia says Let there be rain.


At this point of time, I'm in the office with airconditioning but i could still smell the smoke.
I feel fatigue and hard to breathe.....and a slight headache.
Note to self : drink more water. Stay indoor.

Updated 2:

I must say that i'm so dissappointed in Malaysians. Please leh use some common sense ........
On my way back from the office guess what i saw that appalled me.

  1. 1 fella driving the lorry for fitness concept actually was smoking and hands out of the window.......adding more smoke to the already smelly smokey haze!!! ARggshHhHHH.....i shook my head in dismay.......
  2. There were people still jogging in the park....... Puhhhleeesee!!!! haze season is not the right time to jog. You are breathing in air which is bad for you.
  3. Still got people driving with the window wind down. Why lah??? the smoke smell very nice izzit???


lynnee said...

i smell smoke INSIDE my air-conditioned office as i post this comment.

& nobody is standing anywhere near me & puffing away on a ciggie.

Reta said...

yeahlah damn bloody pissed off
they haven't reveal the API number have they? idiots.

Darren said...

Luckily not in Msia now

Papi said...

real bad, my office also smoky, visibility around 500m only. said...

Wah..sounds like some horror movies with lots of crows circling around your head. Penang is still ok but no blue skies.

Mumsgather said...

I ran over a cat once. *Sob sob*.
Its really bad.. the haze, I mean. Looks and smells like someone is having a barbequeue right outside my window.

xig said...

Could it be that the bird you knocked into considered "suicide" a better option than suffocating to death in the haze? In which case, you may have done it a favour.

Fashionasia said...

lynne : ya wor....even in the airconditioned room also can smell it wey!!!

cyber-red: i dont know why the media isn't highlighting this. Its clearly very severe and ppl need to be educated!!

darren: indon worst lei!!!

papi: my office quite near your office....i think. ;)

5xmom: i know!!! birds all also cannot breath

anonymous: thanks too bad you're in scouting for a good wedding photographer.

mumsgather: oh yikes!! did the cat die?? :( boohoo......

xig: hi!!! you are such an optimist!! I love ppl with positive attitude!! Thanks!