Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Weirdo In My Office

Theres a weirdo in my office. He stares at EVERY girl that walk passes his workspace.
Innitially i'm okay with it.....well, at least i have someone noticing me if i actually made some effort to dress up nicely.
However lately I feel uncomfortable about it .........ever since i read from Torments blog that men actually mentally undress girls!!! gosh it never crossed my mind that guys actually do that!!! Thanks Torment for the enlightenment.

At first I was rather "perasan" cos i thought hey this guy always stare at me wan......i must be hot in his eyes........then after some chit chat sessions with the girls we found out that he actually stares at EVERY GIRL!!!!!!

I wonder why he stares at all the girls??? Is there any particular reason for guys to stare at girls or he IS in fact mentally undressing every girl that passes by???

Fashionasia needs enlightenment


fishtail said...

He must be a hard core ham sup loh, to stare at EVERY girl.

september said...


mudslinger said...

there was one in my previous office. he stared at the girls openly. and sometimes made sneaky comments which is actually bordering on sexual harassment. sicko!

Darren said...

Maybe he is just admiring? Just ignore him. You can't sue someone for staring at you. Becareful with his approach though. And pls dun generalise the whole male species ya.

Shiny Blue Black said...

You girls should all band together, walk over to his desk and STARE really hard at him altogether.

Then when he gets embarrassed and asks why you are doing it, all say very loudly "We're mentally undressing you, like you do every day to us. Wah, your dick is REALLY small man!"

Then after that, all laugh really loudly and walk away after giving him the finger.

Guaranteed to either stop him staring or make him resign.

september said...

ohh, it's cantonese. BT means "bin thai" = maniac/abnormal etc etc

lynnee said...

mentally undressing someone IS a form of sexual harrassment.

Optimist said...

wooooooiiiiii. why must mention me when u talking about your pervert colleague wannnnn. then people will think i am like that, how? tsk.