Saturday, July 09, 2005

Shopping for Korean stuffs in KL??

Yeah!! How cool is that?
See, me and the fiance chanced upon this place when one saturday. I wanted to pay bills in citibank so we thought of going to KLCC afterwards for dinner. However, the fiance thought to be adventurous and drove along jln ampang aimlessly after citibank to find a place for a fine dine.

So after the aimless drive we landed upon a place called err.....gosh i cant remember....something like Galaxy??? ya...something Galaxy.....LOL Sorry lah!!! im such a bad review writer. ho ho. (it was in May and i really forgot already untill i saw the pics i took on my pda and decided to tell malaysia about this awesome place)
[updated: okok...i feel bad left things hanging so i googled. Yes now i remember, the place is called Galaxy Ampang]

Anyhow, the entire complex is very empty and no fun to shop at all. But I found this little Korean Hypermarket to be facinating. The moment i stepped into the place i feel like a little girl entering Toys-R-Us. I dashed to the counter and get myself a basket and throng my way down the isles of korean food. Yummy....everything looks so delicous. I grabbed some of the items which i fancy, double check the prices and throw them in my basket. Frankly speaking i was expecting the price tags to be rocket high since everything is imported, but it really isnt. Pretty much like the price of the stuffs you normally buy from Watsons. So i guess its quite reasonable. The hard part is to identify the item contents. This is cos everything is in Korean!!! I'd just have to make do with some guesses and just "gasak" whatever my eyes fancy. hehe. Bought some cute cute bubblegums too.

The whole time i was there, i felt like i was in Korea. We even had Korean food there. Eventhough the place was not really that impressive(abit like self-service cafeteria layout), don't be fooled.The food surely taste good. And best part is its made by genuine Korean middle-aged lady and not some locally hired staff. Highly recommended if you ask me.

Bonus pic:
Korean food we had for dinner

Very yummy indeed. You can get your free plain water from the water dispenser too.


On a side-note,I was really dissappointed with the Tepanyaki Japanese Restaurant. I brought my parents to the newly opened Sri Hartamas complex and we ordered some food there. The food was cooked by 2 malay chaps and it totally taste like local malay cooking. No japanese flavour at all. Even the rice is local rice and not the japanese pearl rice. Very dissappointing indeed.

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Hi Fashionasia!
My sisters-in-law (my hubby 4 big sisters) often wear Korean blouses. You know? Those very Ah Sohs type. So, I have the impression that Koreans clothings are likedat. Hahaha, did not know that Koreans stuffs are not like that. Nice preview.

wyejon said...

wow... does anyone have any ideas where this is? I would really like to drop in.

Acrix said...

I think i have read bout this store in thestar before :)

xes said...

there's another shop selling korean stuff in Hartamas. it's just next to Uncle Don's.

there seems to have some sort of korean gathering on the weekend. i've no idea wht they were doing there

Darren said...

I hate korean foods.. Hahahaa

JellyGirl said...

Ooh I didn't know about this! I will have to try and find it next time I visit KL, I love Korean food!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information you guys! i've been searching everywhere for korean grocery stuff coz i really love korean food and don't wanna waste my money spending on restaurants so this is just what i needed..haha...

kamsahamnida =)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I just happen to do a search on korean restaurant, and it landed to your website. Do you love authentic korean kimchi ? Let me share with you a korean kimchi that I used to get it from (It was introduced by my korean friend). It is very nice and cheap too. It tasted much much better than other Korean shop that I usually gets.

Jamie Kim said...

just want to know, is it halal or pork and alcohol free?