Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Saturday Night Fever

ya, i started feeling hellish and the whole face turned red as tomato....the body felt like a furnace............
Yup i had fever. Started on Saturday night.
Sunday was really gruesome. Felt the chills and then hot....then cold.....then hot again....couldnt make myself eat too.

I didnt feel like seeing the doctor this time. Cos i already know what medicine i'd be prescribed.
And the funny thing is, i already took a day off on Monday since last week. Its like i knew i was going to be sick!!
Never have i once taken a day off from work for no particular reason this year and this is the first time i've done so. chey...... i was planning to go for a shopping spree and then go grosery shopping to cook dinner for the fiance. I havent time to cook for him for quite sometime now....sigh....all the plans remain as plans.....perhaps for the comming holiday....31st august maybe?

I called in to take another day off today. Just so i'd make sure i'm tough enough to go back to the warzone. I'm such a workaholic. I think i've overworked myself. At the moment i'm still rather groggy but feeling much better. I'm even working frm home now........pathetic? ney.......urgent matters need to be settled, i like to think i'm clearing off backlogs so that i wont be overly burdened when i go back to work tomorrow.

feelin blue,



Anonymous said...

Wah...our entry topic the same! My previous topic before the shoe meme was Saturday Night Fever also. And the funny thing is, I kena fever after my Saturday night Fever class =P

fishtail said...

Hope you get well soon; life is too full of happy things to get sick for too long :)

Optimist said...

Poor dear! Get well soon!