Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Shoe meme

Ok Jellygirl, im doing this well coz its fashion related meme. Any other meme baton passed to me will be kept as a momento just like the last one!!...kekeke

Total number of shoes you own:

OK this is hard. I dont count them bcos its scary. hehe. But i'd say around 50 of them the least.
Mostly sandals, i just adore sandals be it strappy heels or slip-ons. Everage about 2 inch heels. I love heels!! 3 inch is best. I only own like 5 pairs of court shoes cos i hate them, its so uncomfy. My favourite pair(court shoe) is my Scholls. I still have about 5 pairs of shoes that i havent worn since i bought them. I need the occasion and the right dress.

The last shoe you bought:

The last shoe i bought for myself is my alladin golden bead slippers. found here.
The last shoe mom bought for me is a white slip-on sandals. Will take a pic later.

How many shoes do you have under your work desk:

Hmmm.....i don't keep spare under my workdesk.
Ask me howmany shoes do i have in my car?!! 4!!!

5 people I'm passing the baton to:

5xmom (well cos im dying to know how does a mother of 5 maintain her fashion collection?)
skay(cos we have alot of things in common and i think she must have great shoes too)
twinsmom(cos she sew her own beads on em shoes!!!!)
cyber-red(cos shes got the aldos)

hmm......the 5th one suppose to go to Jayelle but she's in National Service......
anyway jayelle u can do this meme after your 3 months tenure!!! no hurries

in the mean time maybe i can pass this to Torment !!! curious howmany pair of shoes does a guy have.

ok now pass it to 5 more ppl and kacau them........


lynnee said...

50 pairs???? man, i got some way to go yet... only got 32 pairs at last count.


JellyGirl said...

Woah that is a loong umm...poem.

Anyhoo...hehe yay you did the baton! But I am very intrigued, why you have so many shoes in the car?

irenekay said...

he i luff flats too...any form of flats.....jus as long its, FLATS... And wedges...looking for a nice pair of espadrilles....anyone knows any nice looking pair around!?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...shall do it now!

Anonymous said...

hah? baru know I being summon :). only three pair of shoe wor, so boring lar. said...

I saw this! But give me a while, ok?

Reta said...

50 pairs!!!

wah can open shoe flea market hehe

Optimist said... me the trouble, just tell you now la. I got one pair. O-N-E.

(the rest donated to charity. Haha)

But now megasale oh. Think I'll go buy 2 more.