Thursday, May 26, 2005

My first Encounter With Japanese Anime

On Sunday I was introduced to my first Japanese Anime film- AppleSeed

and i fell in lurrrveeee with Japanese Anime.

I Fell in love with the japanese language for as long as i could remember. I'm quite linguistic and I pick up languages pretty fast. If I'd getto choose 2 languages I'd love to learn, it would be 1.Japanese and 2.French.

I actually took the trouble to enquire about Japanese classes begining of the year and last week the centre called me up and ask me if I'd like to register. It starts today actually. I was tossing the idea......Of course I'd love to register but the class starts at 7pm. I get off work at 6.30pm (though normally I'd leave the office about 8-9pm on average). The centre is in KL plaza. I'm in PJ. Thus my dilemma. Sigh.....I've wanted to register myself for Jap classes for as long as i could remember but the timing is just so wrong......Plus the fact that I have so many projects to handle on hand makes it even more difficult. Is there any language centre in PJ that teaches japanese? I'd love to register myself.

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JellyGirl said...

I enjoyed Appleseed too, and if I ever learn Japanese, it would be only so I can watch and understand anime! :)