Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Plus Size Swimwear

3 years ago I got pregnant with my first child. And since then, I stopped swimming for a good 2 years. Firstly, being that my weight ballooned and that i was not able to fit into any of my swimwear anymore. I used to swim often before, which was how i kept my figure(past tense).

After the birth of my girl, I still couldn't fit into my 2 piece swimwear. Even if i could, i couldn't wear them anymore as i had aweful stretchmarks on my tummy and i couldn't bare my tummy anymore. I also had a c-section, which means that the scar is on my bikini line. Thus it is impossible to wear anything tight below the waistline. I can only wear a 1 piece if ever. I bought something in XL size from jaya jusco but it was still so tight i had to practically wiggle myself and struggle into it the first time i went swimming after 2 years. It was extremely uncomfortable.

It is not easy to find any plus size swimwear here in Malaysia. Luckily enough we can still get them online and they look great too. Pricing to me is quite reasonable because swimwear normally can be quite costly.

Plus size womens swimwear is available at They not only sell swimwear but fashionable plus size womens clothings too.

Swimwear is a depressing subject for a plus size person. We often try our very best to evade from this subject. He he...especially during post natal. Sometimes it adds to our frustration. However, if the subject of plus size bathing suits do arises, we look out for those that can hide our imperfections.

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John Mike said...

Stay away from colors that are unflattering to you. We've all heard of the saying "Wear the clothes; don't let it wear you." This is applicable when selecting the best plus size bathing suits. Therefore, one must avoid colors that do not work wonders on your skin tone. Fair-skinned women can virtually get away with any color.

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