Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!!

Can't believe it is 2011 already!
I started my blog in 2005, i guess its been 6 years! And now that i slack to 11 post per year....nobody visits me anymore. boohoo!
Blame it on a clingy toddler! arghh.....
Well, little cutie pie turns 2 in couple of days....I think i'm in denial mode because I can't be bothered to organize a proper party for her. (In fact i planned to do a poolside bbq part for her this year but the plan is scrapped due to some circumstance) Well, will still whip up some sort of a little celebration for her else when she grows up she will start to question me on this. hehe
:) Bought a cute little dora the explorer toy set the other day for RM99.90. So i guess since presents is out of the way, I need to book a cake tonight.

Happy New Year my dear friends. And now.....I need to make a new year resolution. :) Its still not too late yet.

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