Sunday, March 07, 2010

Beauteen DIY hair dye

Sometime last year I spent RM600 on my hair which includes some curls and highlights.
Spent them at Peekaboo TheCurve. However, I wasn't very happy with that money spent because the waves doesn't last hair almost went straight in couple of months. Plus, the highlights wasn't visible either....You can only see them when I'm under the hot sun. I really wanted to color my hair then but was advised to only highlight them by the stylist.

So being unsatisfied with my hair color, I later bought 2 boxes of Beauteen DIY hair dye to do them at home. It took me quite sometime to finally do it as I was unsure of the outcome and the last time i dye my own hair was at least 10 years ago. It was a bold step but Chinese New Year was around the corner and I decided one day when my baby was over at moms that Its now or never!!!!

Surprisingly, The experience was very pleasant. Unlike how I remembered hair dye was in the past, Beauteen smelled pleasant! It doesn't emit smelly acidic ammonia smell......In fact, it smelled nice. The steps was easy, everything was provided inside the box such as gloves, bleach mix, bottle, nozzle comb, conditioner. Instructions was clear in english as well as Japanese(Beauteen is a Japanese brand by Hoyu).

In the end of the day, the color turned out great! Plus, it doesn't make my hair overly dry. Amazingly it made my hair feel soft. Although my hair does become dryer than usual after a couple of days. It is important to maintain by putting lots of conditioner especially at the tips.
I'm very pleased with the outcome and I would definately recommend it. I can't remember the exact price but i think it was around RM22 at Guardian pharmacy.

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