Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Princess is 10 months old!!

Wow...time flies and my little princess is already 10 months old! 2 more months and she'll be celebrating her first birthday already!! *wipe tears* oh my baby is growing so fast......

At 10 months little princess can:

1. Understand many words and respond correctly to them.
- eg. Apart from family members, she also know what is Mickey Mouse, Tigger and Pooh, Tortoise(her soft toy), book(she loves book), light, fan, mum-mum(eat), water(her water bottle)

2. She also know how to show actions for:
- sayang (love)-by hugging or touch with forehead,
- byebye - wave bye
- twinkle twinkle - open and close hands

3. She learnt how to drink from her bottle on her own (at 9 months)

4. Crawl (properly by 7 months but was able to wiggle and move about since 4 months or so)

5. Sit upright on her own (exactly on her 7th month. she started to turn over at 2 months old.)

6. Pull herself into standing position (7th month)

7. Had her first tooth, two at the bottom (9th month)

8. Talk her own language - papapa,mamama, dadada, teh teh teh.......

9. She likes to say "Where"(with the cutest tune) when she is looking for something (9th month)

10. Took her first step today (11/11/09)- stood and walk 2 steps and fall down

11. Able to pick up little specs of things with her tiny index finger and thumb.

12. Puts everything into her mouth (drives me crazy that-a one)

13. Starting to be rather cheeky. Since 2 days ago she started pulling off her socks and tried to taste her feet and then look at me with a cheeky grin!!

14. Been taking quite a lot of solids and thank God so far no allergies. She is also able to feed on anything i give her with no problem (aint a picky eater like mama :)....atta girl)

15. Fell sick for the first time at 9 months (runny nose that took 2 weeks to heal. Thank God for no fever)

All in all she's such a bundle of joy!! Am anticipating her to start walking anytime this month.

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