Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Price of property in Malaysia still going up dispite the financial crisis

Sometime ago in year 2007, I made a property purchase somewhere in the heart of PJ for a condo.
It was my very first purchase on my own. (of course my hubby help me with the downpayment la)
I considered myself lucky to be able to purchase a property of my own....and pretty proud to own one before the age of 30.

That said property is still yet to complete and the date of completion have been delayed. I can't help but to think that i'm taking a huge risk especially in this financial crisis where such projects can well be abandoned anytime (touchwood).

However to my surprise, these little units are being sold like hotcakes and currently have gone through Nth time price adjustment. And to my surprise, the price for my unit have already gone up close to 100k!!!!

oh dear, if you ask me to pay for the current price for such a small little unit.....i wouldn't have even considered one bit.

Looking at the prices of properties in Malaysia, i doubt we would be able to afford another i wish i could afford a bigger home as the family grows.


Anonymous said...

this is true, and i do agree that buying a unit before its completed is really risky. wish i could buy something on my own in these few years time too :D before i turn 30!

blinka.Li said...

u are very lucky to have a value -appreciating house!! Mine hardly moved since but we are enjoying the convenience for its location so far. Read somewhere that Malaysians are the hopeful and most optimistic lots when it comes to property market NOW. Elsewhere ALL PLUNGING!! I wonder WHY WHY WHY cause I am surely looking for another unit to grow my family too!! :P

Anonymous said...

If I were you, I should not invest on things that are not yet completed. It is extremely risky on your part.

Reanaclaire said...

congratulations on yr own home before age of 30.. u r very capable.. no doubt houses are expensive in KL but then rental are too.. so might as well pay for the house instalment rather than renting from ppl..right?

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