Monday, February 09, 2009

Angel Baby Bottom Balm- for the mama too!

I heard of Earthmamaangelbaby products during my pregnancy but i never bought any items because i thought it was ridiculously pricey.

However, while my little princess developed some rashes on her face recently.....i searched the internet through and through for a solution. Then i read thepinkstilettos....and i went oooh...a miracle balm! i must get that...
So i went to and bought a tiny jar of the angel baby bottom balm online.

Cost me RM 29.90 for a tiny little 1oz jar....

However, when i received my parcel. I do not dare to apply them on my little one. heehee.....i don't know....i just don't! But i did try to dab a teeny weeny bit on a teeny weeny spot. Hmm...i think it worked.
Anyhoo......the purpose of the entry is that i've discovered that this baby balm works great on adult skin too!!! i tried them on my itchy rashes and i see marked improvement. I also tried it on the pimples on my face and my pimple practically cleared up the next day!! Wow indeed! I love it!

I began to love earthmama products that I recently ordered another product for postpartum recovery for myself. Its the C-Mama healing Salve.
And this one cost me about RM149.90! Hope its a miracle cream!! Can't wait to get my hands on it. Stretchmarks be gone!

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Anonymous said...

hmm i wonder why babies always have rashes on their faces. heart pain to see it but usually mothers dare not simply apply cream on them other than the doctor dream