Saturday, January 31, 2009

Post Natal Depression can happen if you don't think of happy thoughts

I used to think about how anyone would actually be depressed after delivering a baby. To me, it does not make sense. Having a baby is a happy thing and shouldn't one be at cloud 9 upon the arrival of the much anticipated guest?

Well, today i live to experience it myself. Yup....its so true. Post natal depression CAN HAPPEN.
Though i wouldn't say I'm experiencing it. Thanks to mom and my supportive hubby. Otherwise, i'd probably suffer from a melt down.

I just want to say that, becoming a new mama comes with such great responsibilities and hard work that one can be emotionally so overwhelmed. I find that it is so important to keep your sanity at bay and always think happy thoughts and not to yeild to emotions and depressions.

I thank God for my lovely mom who is here to assist me all the way....allowing me to recouperate from labour/operation. Most importantly giving me time to sleep.
I also am greatful for the Internet. beserk as it may sound, i'm greatful for facebook, blogs...and most importantly online shops!! I would have gone cold turkey from not being able to go shopping or get out of the house. But online shopping kept my sanity. I get to window shop and indulge a little too.

Everytime i think about the birthing process, i have the lump in my throat and i feel so emotional about it. phew....i guess only a mother will understand this feeling of mine.
I am greatful my hubby was with me all the time, it helps him understand what i've gone through and so he is being very nice and supportive of me. At least he was with me the whole time the entire day. Although i wasn't happy that the next day he had an early appointment that is so important he wasnt able to excuse himself. He only came about afternoon. Sigh...but i try my best to be the understanding wife too.

Anyway, just want to encourage new moms to think happy thoughts and stop dwelling on emotional issues. It helps alot. shopping is great therapy. :)


Anonymous said...

Pray for HIS guidance.
HE knows what's best for us.

I'm doing OK my friend. I'm a survivor. ;)

God Bless & take care.


Jo said...

Hi FA, long time no "see"! :)

Heartiest congratulations with your new baby. I hope both mum and girl are doing very well.

I laughed reading at your previous post, the part about you using only 3 items (if ever) from your makeup stash.... because that all sounded tooooo familiar! Ho ho ho... But don't worry, it will not be like this forever. Now I look very decently and beautifully made-up as and when I feel like it. Definitely using more than 3 items too. hahaha

Coming back to your advice on post-natal depression, yes it helps if you do not dwell too much into it but rather, distract yourself by taking a little time-out when you feel the blues returning, by doing something that you enjoy. A perfect time to put on that mask! :)

With my first baby, the post natal blue hit me when I was not expecting it. It was the day I was discharged from the hospital. When I returned home and walked into my room with the baby in my arms, I was suddenly gripped with fear. Fear of being inadequate and not knowing how or where to start in caring for an infant. I felt detached from the baby in my arms, its as if it was not mine.

So you really are very fortunate to have your mum there to not only support you emotionally but also physically. :)

Anyway, I think most, if not all new mothers will face this post-natal blues. The second one was a breeze for me.

Take care now and hope all will go smoothly.

Oh, and Gong Xi Fa Cai! At least you have one angpow to collect now. :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

yeah i heard that alot of new-mums get this depression from time to time. but, isn't really joyful to look at the baby?

blinka.Li said...

good that it is over and mild. I have fren who suffer about 4 months of really hard depression and that was not even her 1st child!!