Friday, November 28, 2008

Eyeshadow Pots

Wow.....have been lazy to blog ....hehe.....probably will only be blogging sporadically for the coming months as we anticipate the arrival of our new family member :)

So i occasionally stumble upon some stuffs worthy to buy like these.

I normally don't buy eye shadows because i hardly use them. Most of the time when i need to make-up, id use my trusty old Kate pallet which i absolutely adore.
However, this time is exceptional because these pots were selling at RM0.77 per pot!! eeeee....i've never seen anything so cheap before. And i love the light baby colors. So i bought 3 of them. Baby blue, baby pink and baby purple(is there such a color). The name is Trend Chic inc from Markwins. Yup the same brand i bought the 3 lipglosses from. BTW i loveeeee the lipgloss!! it is as good as the expensive ones. But for this shadow pots, i haven't test drive yet so i have no comments.:) i'm just happy to get them as such a low price. Wonder why its so cheap.....i bought them frm Watsons.


Anonymous said...

so cheap! O_O cheaper than a bottle of mineral water. love the blue color, will go watsons check out n see. heheh

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