Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back with some beauty loot!

Well, My stay over at the Impiana KLCC was enjoyable....just a tad too short. Should have booked 2 nights instead of just 1.
Rather dissappointed because we walked to KLCC and my sole purpose is to check out Paul & Joe cosmetics and shop around Isetan. But they closed at 7pm that day!! in prep for the sales on the next day. Bummer....

Didn't get anything interesting from KLCC except for 2 things that i bought from Sasa...and some junk food from cold storage.
But that one thing that i bought frm sasa was rather interesting. Which is this....

(the one in green) Its some lotion to lighten your underarms! I've been using it for the past few days.....will do somesort of a review soon. :)

Last weekend however, i was over at Ikano, and i scored somemore beauty loots. Especially from Missha counter. Missha BB cream!! Missha mascara base and creme eyeshadow.

Over at guardians, i bought the most raved about compact powder by ZA. I've read so many beauty bloggers agree that this is the best compact powder ever!! so i just have to try it out! only RM48.80 plus 1 additional refill. Very cheap!! And then i saw these beauty basics lipgloss going at only RM2.88 each!! OMG!! i MUST buy cheap!!


Anonymous said...

rm2.80 for lip gloss? WOW!

Anonymous said...

For boyssss, get this for your gf now.. :)

Royalshoppingarcade said...

hi fashionasia,

so, is the bb cream good?how about the ZA compact powder?let me know..k?tx

Anonymous said...

how much is the mascara base from missha? is it good? eagerly waiting for your review :)

Anonymous said...

don't u think it is a waste of $$ to just buy just because is cheap? do you actually used up all of them? I mean, we need to be a smart shopper and what you have posted is good but also very bimbo-ish. if you are a bimbo you will understand la.

Anonymous said...

just wanna inform you to check out for some yummy mummy stuff..

Fashionasia said...

prettybeautiful: i like the gloss! its totally worth more than it cost!

pu3:hey...if u want to buy go buy now n somemore got extra refill. It is quite good. Make the face look kinda flawless and matte. i like!

engmin: i did a review already. I think its safe to buy. Quite cheap....below RM30.

anonymouse: i think im being a smart shopper by buying a RM 6 for 3 lip glosses than people spending RM60 for 1 branded lipgloss.