Monday, September 08, 2008

Glowing Complexion

I know i've been delaying my review about the Skinfood BB cream.
The reason is because I really have been experiencing great skin!!
But the problem is i couldnt pinpoint the reason.
It could be 1 of the 3 reasons:

1. Skinfood BB cream
2. Pregnancy Hormones
3. Bird nest

So, i wouldn't know if the BBcream actually works. But i'd just jot down some of my findings after using them for about a month or two now.

Ever since i'm pregnant, i try not to use so much make-up. I don't want my body to absorb so much chemicals. But sometimes i just can't go out barefaced. I'd feel all naked. Thus, i try to use a more natural products such as those from TheBodyshop or Skinfood.

Initially when i tried on this BBcream, i didn't quite like it. In fact, i was a little dissappointed what with all the rave about BB creams. But now that i've been using it for awhile, i've grown to like it more. Though i'm still on a lookout for a better BBcream. But for the preggie me! i love it....cos of its natural sources of ingredients.

I'd do my verdict in point form cos its easier.

1. It does have a strong scent.
-But im not particular about scents so im ok with this. It smells quite pleasant. Some people dont like fragrances on face product so it could be repulsive to them.

2. Only 2 tones to choose from.
- I'm not exactly fair so i choose #2. However, it is still a little light and makes me look fairer than my skintone. Id prefer something just a Littleeeee bit darker. I really don't know how others that are darker than i am will be able to use this. But, one trick is to mix them with a darker foundation color. Sometimes i do that.

3. Does not cover as well as bbcream is raved to be.
-BBcream is suppose to cover much better than foundation. However, i find the coverage medium. It does not cover up scars. I still need to apply my elianto concealer to cover up my pimple scars.

1. Stays on the whole day
- The bbcream does stay on all day long, it does not melt under the sun or water (unlike some foundations).

2. Healthy for the skin
- It is rich with aloa vera good for hydrating skin. It is SPF 20 so i don't have to put on another layer of sunscreen.

3. Blemish corrector
- Well, this one im partial because im not sure if it is due to BBcream or my pregnancy hormones. But my skin have improved alot lately. I dont have any breakouts at all!! which is very rare for me.

All in all, my first impression when im using this is that it feels alot like tinted sunscreen.
However, i kinda grow to like it better than my regular foundation now mostly because of its natural ingredients. And it does not contain damaging chemicals to my skin.

I would rate it 5/10. But i really wouldn't know untill i've tried other BBcreams.


Anonymous said...

hmmm didn't try the skinfood one, now i am using skin79 :D

btw, it must be the happy hormones that give u the glow! And, the maternal instinct :)

Royalshoppingarcade said...

prettybeautiful, how is Skin79 bb cream?is it good?can you do a short review here, please..hope you don;t mind, fashionasia..hehe..thanks for the review for skinfood bbcream.I'm still not convinced is a rating of 7/10..then, I'll go for it.alamak..still cannot find good bb cream la..haiyo..