Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Complaining Frenzy

While i'm at it (complaining i mean), i might as well get this off of my chest too.

As of today, Crude oil price dropped to USD92.38 per barrel.

eh.....hello??!!!! Government?? Are you there??

When oil price go up....... your reaction so fast..... you also want to tax the people. And now the people are suffering because when you up the oil price by 40%. EVERYTHING also up especially FOOD. Now oil price go down. You and your PETRONAS making tonnes of money. The People still suffering wor.......

Whatever happened to reviewing oil price every 15 days? What happened to that someone who promised to reduce back the price??

yoooohooo?? anybody home???


Arena Green said...

Oh wow! You're gonna be a mommy soon! Congratulations Ms FA - I hope you will be blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby.

Maybe you want to stop reading the papers these days in order not to affect your mood, eh? LOL

Stay cheerful and sweet, and enjoy your pregnancy! The price of oil might just come down by the time baby arrives, heheh :-)

Anonymous said...

thats the thing about our government, when it comes to price increase, they burden us. but they dnt undo the burden!!!

Fashionasia said...

hi AM: TQTQ!! yalo...the news these days are really depressing. I should cut off totally frm the media and watch more pua chu kang or something..

prettybeautiful: they pretend to be busy with other shuffling of duties....roll eyes...

Anonymous said...

I think our PM currently has his hands full with all the dramas going on in the political scenes. Adjusting oil prices probably isn't high on his agendas. :/