Saturday, August 02, 2008

What is BB cream??

OK....just a little knowledge sharing session with those whose wondering what on earth is a BB cream??!!! (before i review my skinfood BBcream)
Well, BB Cream... register this word into your make-up vocabulary cos its getting pretty wide spread now.

The double B stands for "Blemish Balm". I guess with that, you get a better understanding of what BBcream does. It is getting extremely popular in asia and getting more and more exposure in the west too. From what i've read about it, it all started in Korea where an actress had undergone laser surgery....and the BB cream was in fact part of her daily use as cover-up as well as treatment process to recovery. It was said to be a miracle cream and because of her testimony, BBcream had become highly sought after.

The difference between BBcream and other make-up applications is that it is a skincare/healing product combined with make-up. While regular foundation liquid does nothing to your skin , BB cream is supposed to do wonders to your skin while covering up. There are many types of BB cream. Some is said to have whitening properties, some anti wrinkle, some to even out skin tone and lighten blemish scars....etc... But all of them works as moisturizer, sunscreen, make-up base and foundation too. So thats whats great about BB cream, apart from make-up to cover up your is also said to be a healing cream....though you should still stick to your regular skin care regime.

BB cream can be used as a make-up base before foundation. Or some will just skip foundation alltogether as it already has tinted color.

From what i've read, there are couple of well known brands that do carry BB creams in their product range. I've heard that BRTC BB cream is one of the best. Other than that, perhaps Missha and Skin79 i've heard have quite a range of bb creams and received great reviews........
Other brands are such as skinfood, the face shop, Etude......etc




Anonymous said...

hehehehe i was so tempted to try, and I bought a sample size of that skin79 lovely girls bb

Rin said...

i bought it just recently and i love it! Because of my blemishes I'm a fond user of foundation or anything to cover them up but afterwards it just gets worse and worse. With BB cram I can coverup my blemishes while they heal, i always apply a light layer of mineral foundation over it though. I'm currently using a hydro splash one from THEFACESHOP

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone!

I read on what the ingredients are of the bb gold caviar cream from brtc. Two ingredients are marked: Parahydroxybenzoate and Chlorphenesin. I didn't know what these are and I've found out that 'Oxybenzone' could be very harmfull!

So could you please check the box of another BB cream (preferrably also from brtc) to see if the ingredient 'Oxybenzone' (or Parahydroxybenzoate)is [u][b]NOT [/b][/u]present? I will need a BB cream with withening effect and preferrably also sunscreen but without this ingredient!!

Thanks everyone!

wehaveit43 said...


If you are wondering where and how to buy BRTC and L'EGERE bb creams, I can be of help because I ship bb creams directly to the Philippines. A tube of BRTC or L’EGERE bb cream costs PHP 800 (US $17)

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Emily said...

thanks ... check out this other bb cream on my blog :]

Anonymous said...

Can you get this in North American stores such as Shoppers Drug Mart? or do you have to order it online?

simon Hwang said...

Hello, you can purchase BRTC's premium bb creams at

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simon Hwang said...

We are currently carrying 4 different types of BRTC bb creams
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Cathy said...

Hey, I just recently got into the BB cream craze myself. I just found that I will be traveling to Korea every month for business, so I started a blog of the reviews all the things I buy there. I sell BB cream samples and I will also CP Korean cosmetics.
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Cathy said...

Hey, I just recently got into the BB cream craze myself. I just found that I will be traveling to Korea every month for business, so I started a blog of the reviews all the things I buy there. I sell BB cream samples and I will also CP Korean cosmetics.
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Nathalie said...

Hi there, nice blog you have here! =]

I quoted this article in my blog. Hope you don't mind. You/r site was fully credited and I will be posting the link here when I finish my blog entry. Thanks in advance.


Nathalie said...

Sent you a pingback, but here's the link to my blog entry anyway. =]

Sheila said...

BB Cream is about one of the greatest things to come from Korea :) Loves Skin79 and Dr. Jart+!

Jane said...

Hey I had bought my Skin79 hot pink. It amazing for oily skin like me. Would definitely introduce to my friends. My sister is finding a BB cream for dry skin. Any suggest girl?

bb cream said...

my favourite bb cream gotta be the dermatological brand dr jart+.

Unknown said...

Hi folks
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Cevlee said...

I found a good place for bb cream shopping at eGarden online shopping mall. Their staff are very friendly and helpful too.

Pooline said...

If you wish to learn how to apply bb cream and get more idea about bb cream you may read the articles there.

Anonymous said...

Read all the good review about BB cream. Bought two different tubes to try. After using for 1 week, I developed itchy rash. It was so bad I had to go to a doctor for a jab and it costs me more than $100. I am staying away from it now. I believe there's lots of chemicals in it. My friend too suffered bad reactions after using BB Cream.

iaps aspillaga said...

Hi. There's another brand called "ENCARA". Pm me for details at


Stephanie BB Cream said...

Good to read comprehensive information about this A+ beauty product. I've compiled some BB cream reviews and thorough background information on my page about BB Cream as well, aiming to create a user-generated pool of information. Let me know should you have some Blemish Balm tipps to share.

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