Saturday, August 16, 2008

Inflation is a serious issue that is effecting many Malaysians

I've just finished reading the article from thestar about stretching the ringgit.
I believe this issue is more serious than what the government thinks.

Sad to say an average Malaysian earn meager income compared to other countries, and a drasting 40% increase in something so essential in our Malaysian life such as petrol price have absolutely increased much burden. Not forgetting the domino effect that entails. The situation is worst than you can think off.

I'm just thankful that both my husband and I earn a comfortable income. However, that doesnt mean that we do not have burdens. Although we may not feel that much of a pinch, I have definitely witnessed the effect on the people around us. The hubby even worries for his staff and that recently have decided to provide additional allowances for them. I have also personally increased my contribution towards my parents too. I guess I can live with buying lesser clothes and make-up every month. :)

Anyway, what i have witnessed firsthand is that there are many people around me that is suffering from the inflation that hit the country till these people have not enough to stretch till the end of the month and had to resort into borrowing money. Sometimes when you make just enough, any accidental expenses such as car repair, medical fees..etc are difficult to cover. Recently a restaurant that I frequent had declared that it'll be closing down end of the month. It saddens me because its a good place for food. However, I was told that business had declined up to 40% ever since the increase of petrol price. How to sustain the business??

As the country's independence day is approaching heart sinks further when i read the newspaper and realize that the government is busy with their political/personal wars against each other that the citizens suffering are neglected. It takes them less than a second to decide on increasing the petrol price and now that the crude oil price declined, it takes them so long to decide to reduce some. I guess another day of delay means more big bucks for them.......

Personally, I've been more prudent these days while i thank God i do not suffer as what I've witnessed some of my business acquaintances do. I am aware of the situation around me and i try to control my expenses. With a baby on tow, i would expect my expenses to increase soon. I've never bid an eyelid or calculate twice when i go shopping. Normally when i see something that i like, i just buy them if i feel that i can afford them. But now, i just stop myself from doing so. I also avoid frequenting shopping malls that often. Which explains a rather decline in my make-up hauls....hehe....i guess i don't need 100 pallets of different eyeshadow colors when i can live with the essential colors. :)

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