Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Bunch Of Busy body

OK. I am REALLY furious right now. I'm thinking to turn on full BITCH MODE and blast away here.....but.......ney......i'm not going there. But here comes the rant.

Also about Hair issue today.
Somehow I was informed about a certain group of busybody's commenting that my hair is dry....blablabla......
Now I don't know about you but maintaining a crowning glory that flows down to your waist is not an easy task. Definitely your hair will be dry loh.
But what makes me upset after hearing about their little "gossip" is that they compared MY HAIR with another lady that totally bleached and colored and blow and set her hair every single freaking day. Argghh.....My hair is au naturale ok. No chemicals, No color at all!! the last time i dyed my hair was at least 10 years ago loh!!!! Hmmppphhh.....and these bunch of aunties....i really don't know how they make their judgmental statements without examining the facts closely. They only always see THAT lady from afar. Try looking at her hair up close! SOOO DRY LOH!!!

oh ya.......and you know the REAL motif of their comment on me?? ya lah....they want to sell me their Hair Products!!!!! YES..shampoos and stuffs. Puhleesss. It would be the last thing i do. Look at YOUR hair first before you ask me to buy YOUR products.

I mean, its one thing if the comments are sincere and out of real care about me.....sincere criticisms I can take. But i cannot tolerate having people put me down like that just so they can sell me stuffs. I LOATHE THEE!!
You totally ruined my day.



beetrice said...

This usually happens to me as well...I don't know why it is that these salegirls think they're going to drum up their sales by literally insulting potential hello? Is that some sort of reverse psychology we're not aware of?

Tine said...

I get a lot of shit like that too. Not just the hair, they'll attack your skin too. It's all right if they want to offer some constructive criticism, or a bit of advice on how to improve the hair or skin, but on the context of selling me their crap, I don't think so. We've not even bought the stuff yet, and we're already insulted. There's a line between tactfully pointing out there's something wrong (if there is in the first place), and full on insult.

Fashionasia said...

beetrice & tine: yalah!! i hate people putting us down just so we will buy their some insurance agents wanna jinx you so bad oni....GGggrrr!!!