Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Beautiful Asian Fringe Clip

While at the subject of hair.
I'd like to introduce you to something that I have seen from the famous Taiwan Variety show.
Which is the Fringe Clip.

You know sometime you see asian celebrity with beautiful hair and they have their fringe done very nicely with slight wavy romantic texture and wondered how on earth did they do that?

Well, apparently, this clip is the secret. I have not tried them because i couldn't find them anywhere here in Malaysia, but of course, you can find them on easily on ebay if you want to buy them online.

I'm really curious and would definitely like to try them if i happen to chance by them.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I want this too! Would be great for the lifeless flat fringe once in awhile, I reckon! ;)

When you found one, please use and review ya. Hehehe!

Anonymous said...

I want !!
I have limpless fringe... :(
But looking at this thingy...I have no idea how to use it

Tine said...

Haha, the Japanese think of EVERYTHING :p

Anonymous said...

Oh I want one of those. Do you think it really works? How on earth that piece of plastic can transform fringe to pretty wave ?

Weird ...

beetrice said...

I remember seeing them in Sasa at one point, not sure if they still have them though. :)

Fashionasia said...

angie: ok! when i buy it will do a review.

aiyu: very easy oni....just clip it on n blow or leave it for a while la...but im sure u need to apply some styling product else it wouldnt stay.

tine: ya!!! you'd be surprise at how thoughtful they are while inventing...hehe

andie summerkiss: heheee.....i want it too!!! will try sasa this weekend. Will let u know if it works.

beetrice: the other time i was at sasa i couldn't find it. I'll check it out again this weekend. I want!!! but i dont have a fringe...i wonder if it can work....:P

Jessie said...

you can buy it from the forum. i see a few people selling them