Monday, March 03, 2008

Beauty Purchase

I was not having a good day...and i guess my hubby could see that and so to lighten up my spirits....he asked me out to go shopping today. hehe...who says you can't still go on dates after being married?? :o)

I ended up spending quite sometime in Sasa and getting some beauty loots. I can't wait to use them and to review them too.

Clock wise, I bought
1. A facial blot. I've always wanted to get those powdered blots.....I remembered using them before and this is a really cool Japanese invention! Will review and talk about it more next post....
but it wasn't cheap at RM18.90. No discounts too...

2. Sasa Mascara
This is just toooooooo pretty to resist!!! pink and elegant design Mascara from Sasa. RM39.90 but with 20% discounts! its those double wand type with the base coat at one end, waterproof black at the other. I hope it doesn't dissappoint me! Was choosing between this and the Canmake mascara and the salesgirl recommended this one.

3. Kanebo Freshel White C facial wash
Its a whitening foam facial wash. I'm out of facial wash and i was using Garnier previously. I hope to try out Kanebo and the sales girl told me this is very sell able. RM26.60

4. This is something that i've seen on Taiwan beauty website!!! I'm so glad i saw it at Sasa!
You know whats that???? 4 pieces of miserable sponge! cost me RM12.80 man!!! and i bought 2 packs......heheeee
What are those for?????!!!! they are hair curlers. yup....
I've been meaning to get this for a long time but have never been able to find them....Finally!!! Thank You Sasa! i think i can be an official Sasa blogger....haha....almost all my beauty loots are from them ler.

OKla....can't wait to use them......will try to give my review soon. Cheers!!!


emigre said...

Ooh, the sponge curlers are supposed to be great for making princess-like wavy hair, no? Let us know if you like them.

Fashionasia said...

emigre: yesyesyes!! so gorgeous!!! i tried it last lovng it for me as i have really long hair.

Anonymous said...

FA: how does the sponge curlers work? something new to me. demo! demo!

Anonymous said...

anonymous: erm....ok will try to post a "how to" soon. its a prob when i'm also anonymous....lemme see wat i can do lah...

Anonymous said... looking forward for your feedback on the "spongerolls-alike"..been eye ing on it since last few months,but duno wede it work anot..can i have some demo/preview of the end result,please?
need ur feeback,as my hair isnt very long, shoulder length