Thursday, February 21, 2008

Elianto Concealer

I love concealers....i feel that a concealer is a must for people with imperfect skin.
Foundation alone just wouldn't do it.

Normally after moisturizer, I will dab on some concealer on spots that i would like to cover. Such spots includes pimples, acne scars, freckles....the dark under eye, eye bags...etc.

After concealer will then come the foundation. I will even-out the foundation with a sponge. I used to only use my fingers rather than using a sponge....but recently, i've discovered that you can actually have better coverage and more even spread by using a sponge as compared to the fingers.
But of course after this step, the imperfections that we tried to cover up earlier with the concealer will start to show up again.....not to worry.......cover up again with the concealer after foundation.

I normally work on the blush after this, then work on the eyes....usually a simple eye liner for me. But if i have more time, i'd put some colors(very seldom) and then mascara. I have a considerably large eye so the liner does it for me, but for those will smaller eyes... Mascara will open them up even more. Lastly, face power to set and I'm all good. If i can still see the spots, i would at this point dab on a bit more of my concealer. See how important concealer is to me?!!


So anyway, below is the new concealer that I am currently using. It is from Elianto.
I think I bought it for about RM22 (if not mistaken).
I bought the color in Medium (#01). I only saw 3 numbers available at the counter #0, #1 and #2.

I usually use Medium color. This works for me....but i would like it if they have slightly more shades to choose from. I would probably try #2 next to see if the color matches better because I find #1 a little on the lighter tone. But after is fine.

Next, i think this concealer is so fragrant! it smells good! haha....
I did not realise the smell comes from this after I made myself up and went out....i kept smelling some nice fragrance from somewhere and couldn't pinpoint where it came from!
Only after many rounds of using did i realize the pleasant smell came from this concealer! do'uh....haha......sorry the senses on my nose is a little malfunction due to sinusitis. kekeke
(do tell me if u have use this and if it does have a nice smell? im still not 100% certain it comes from this tub.......)

Though the tub seems small.....and the price not exactly cheap, but i find that it does last pretty long so it is kinda worth it.


Jo said...

FA, where can you get this concealer?

Btw, I bought an Aigner handbag from the website you referred me to. Still waiting for it to arrive at my doorstep. It will be my very first online purchase.. and I doubt it will be the last. Very addictive!!

Did you see the recent Silver Nine West Tote? So gorgeous. *tempted*

Fashionasia said...

jomel: aha! haha...I did my very first online purchase there too!!and then soon after the second purchase followed shopping is evil!! kekekeke....ya i saw the silver ninewest bag too!! so tempting! teeheeee

ps. the concealer is from Elianto. They have a pushcart at theCurve, which is closer to home. Otherwise, have to go to KL area erm...putrajaya alamanda also got a shop.

Jo said...

ahh.. i know now. That too, is closer to (my) home. Will check it out.

Yeah.. this online shopping thingy is sooooo evil! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Jomel and FA, Elianto has a corner shop in Cineleisure (can't remember which floor though). All the range there are much more comprehensive. They even have the refillable eye shadow range - pick and put in your own palette. Just hope that they have not closed down or anything cause the last time I've been there is like 8 months ago!! :)