Saturday, February 16, 2008

Am I being bitter?

I never celebrated valentines day.
Initially i decided to write a "i hate vday" post about how i hate valentines day. Then i decided against it because...hehe....i dont want to be a scrooge and screams bah-humbug over every occasion.

But, i never bothered with valentines day because I always think that valentines day is over-rated and makes people spend unnecessary money. However, having said that...I am fine with people making an effort to say "i love you" or buy little gifts to the person that matters most to can be to your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, friend.....etc...

The hubby is Mr.Practical....he never does anything romantic for me other than the first year when he tried to woo
I never receive anything from him for valentines...Not that i want him to buy anything also....but sometimes we don't need expensive gifts to feel appreciated. Just a simple little surprise will make the day. You dont have to buy roses....just bring me to the beach for a stroll or make me a handmade card. My heart will just melt!!!

sigh.......i guess, i've learned to accept the fact that he will never do such for me..... He is never like that......even for my birthday he would rather bring me to the mall and buy me what i want instead of giving me a surprise.

I guess.....if i ever wanted anything romantic, i'd have to be the one to do it......just like the time when I planed for a romantic escapade and booked a hotel in which i kidnapped him to. haha......
What to do......i think i would make a great boyfriend/husband! I can be hopelessly romantic if i want to.

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