Monday, January 21, 2008


just my personal take on the Lingam Tape issue...
I think you guys should take it easy on Dr.M. lo

I mean, the tape was taken 2001/2002 rite? that was what....7 years ago?!
If i ask you details about what you did 7 years ago will you be able to tell me?
Of course you can't, because you also cannot remember long already...
some more people so old to remember wor....


So election you Malaysians? Ready to vote yet?
Erm....I haven't gotten myself registered yet...Can i do it online ah?
teehee.....actually i never voted before loh......tsk tsk tsk...before you guys say shame on me, the previous was the first election that I was actually eligible to vote.... but i forgot why i didn't.... i think i will vote this time. Gotta find out where and how i can register first...
I hope the opposition gives BN a run for their hopes of a better and brighter future.

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