Monday, January 07, 2008

Britney Spears is psyco

While in Malaysia, everyone's hyped about Dr.Chua Soi Lek Sex tape.......
Over at the west, all the media hyped about how f***ed-up is britney spears....

Seems that britney refused to hand-over her boys to k-fed as custody ordered by the court.
The poor gal was ruled unfit to take care of her boys.....Some big hoohaa went on at her resident that the police had to come...she was even strapped in an ambulance to be sent to the hospital for psycho observation.

Well, the thing is, though she may not be fit as a mother, it is not funny the way celebrity gossip channels talk about her. It is really hurtful. Though i believe the court order was for her own good(also for the better of her 2 boys), it IS very tough for her to let go of her baby. I mean I believe it was just her motherly instinct or reflex or watever you call it to refuse to let go of her boys..... Not that i like britney but i guess she is definitely having an emotional breakdown....and with that much of media attention as well as seriously hurtful comments about her.......i hope she can cope well and wont do anything crazy .... i fear for her life, her future.....and the poor kids's future.....its not easy to be a celebrity.

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