Sunday, August 19, 2007


I turn 28 today.
Its a age that makes me feel so matured.
I've always wondered how I would be like when I'm 28. How would life be for me, how would i look like....etc.....
I guess, I'm happy where I am now and what I have achieved. Hey I made a good catch haven't i? Having a great husband!!....a house of my own, a car, a stable job...what more do I ask for.....

I feel loved and so blessed, with my family celebrating it with me today. So contented with all the presents that I still receive at this age......everything my hearts desire......I thank the Father for I am truly blessed.



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday FA!!!

May you have many more birthdays to come.
May you be blessed with a child soon.
Take care & God Bless you & your family always.

Anonymous said...

Happies Burpday!!!
Kisskiss Hughugs!

Anonymous said...

happy (belated) birthday :) best wishes!

Tine said...

Oooh, someone's bird-day today ;)

Happy bird-day. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family always.

Wuching said...

time for some babies!

Anonymous said...

28 is old?
then the 30 me is super old
sob sob

happy b-day!!!

LX said...

Happy birthday! 28 is still young.. hehe.. some more got car, got family, got a house. According to my current way of life, at 28 I would still be a 3-year junior employee, single and busy. Don't even think there would be money to buy house or car.

Fashionasia said...

jemima: Thanks gal!!ya...hoping for 1 soon!!

Angel: burppp....thanks! keke

naddy: Thanks my dear!! u quit ur blog already????

tine: thanks dear...God bless u too..

wuching: yaya...i know already...workng hard now ok

jo: kekeke.....30 yrs is not old la just matured........

lynnx01: gal...u will achieve it in time! diff ppl achieve diff things on diff time....i guess we all should wait for the right timing n the blessings will come! ...