Monday, May 21, 2007

The Body Shop Sales!

Was tipped off by about the Body Shop sales and....

truth is i'm not very regular at TBS, but I do love their stuffs to have quie a decent amount of TBS products/toilettries....

I had wanted to get myself the Vitamin E lotion because I bought the 60ml to try out and I find that it works best for me now when my legs are feeling particularly dry these days.

So I was at KLCC (before going to see MyFairLady). Since I was early I stopped by TBS to take a look. Oh boy was the place crowded!!! I can't even get through to the cosmetics section!!!

But, try as i might to resist temptation to only get stuffs that I need turned out err........i shall say......unsuccessful. This short detour costs me RM103.90 at TBS.

Here is what I got:
1. Vitamin E Lotion 250ML = RM45 (-10%)
  • 2. Vitamin E wheategerm Oil suppliment = RM25 (-10%)
  • 3. Body Lotion Shimmer White Musk 250ML = RM 48 (-50%)
  • 4. Large Nail Clipper = RM26.90 (-50%)
  • 5. Emery Board = RM6.90 (-50%)

I think this time around, the sales is worth it. Even more if you are a TBS member where u get additional 10% off. Too Bad I am not a member.

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My Rantings said...

I've always used TBS Camomile Gentle Eye-Makeup Remover. Very nice & doesn't sting the eyes! :)