Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spending 20K(pounds) on cosmetic surgery??

[Story #1]

Have you guys read this??

oh my goodness......I thought she looked prettier in the before picture. All she needed to do was to loose some weight and tone-up and she'll look gorgeous already.
I thought the after photo was yucks.....though the dimple was cute...cos ive always wanted dimples too!! hehe

For the life of me, I'm absolutely against cosmetic reconstruction.
Which struck a question in me......are women with surgical enhancement allowed to participate in beauty pagents??
I sure hope not, because it would definately be unfair to the natural beauties outthere.


[Story #2: just thought id point out that it is not the same person as story #1]

Speaking of beauty queens. Remember the "chubby" Miss Malaysia?? hehe.....sorry i can't help it. Ya, Andrea Fonseka. I happen to think that she is absolutely gorgeous. But she wasn't at her best during her reign which was a pitty. She had a bulging tummy. Very unsightly during pageants that it was a sore eye n criticized by many.
But ever since that, she totally matured alot. With a little help from Marie France. She has totally transformed into a sizzling hot babe!!!

OMG....she is sooo pretty now!!


MJ said...

If I were a man and I were dating her, would I know/see that her face (and body?) is all made up permanently? She could look gorgeous on paper/net but I think she would look like a bit weird in person. She should just be herself.. if no man appreciates that, too bad - the men are on the losing end! :p

Wuching said...

i drool liao...

Moi said...

She is gorgeous :)