Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm so exhausted....

Dear readers,

I know im being very sporadic nowadays. Updates are getting lesser but do bear with me a little longer. I've already sounded to the boss about my resignation. I guess things are moving the way I wanted......or NOT.
Because when you're craving for career advancement, there were never any offers but when you're ready to quit and stay home, You've been headhunted.

Sheeshh...... Job offers are coming to me left and right.....pushing me to consider them. So far i have 2 pretty good offer. Am attending another interview later today. Let's just see what happened next.......after all $$$$$ is still always the determining factor of one's decision. ya?
I'm really exhausted that I slept at 8pm last night. Woke-up at 12am feeling hungry. Had a bread, read some newspaper and got tired again.....Slept all the way till this morning!!!!
sigh...and there are still loads of laundry not done yet...

Oh ya, and hubbys back! Yey!!
See what he got me.


PB said...

Yay for your hubby and good luck with looking for a new job. Sometimes, you just have to take that plunge and hope there are no sharks in the water :)

My Rantings said...

Awww.. so nice of your hubby! No more lonely nights for you lah ...! :-)

Hope you'll make the right choice on your new job! Good luck! :-)

Anonymous said...

recharge yourself and get your career back, best of luck!

*drooling over the Dior*!!!

Wuching said...

aiya hubby makes enuff money for u to spend liao..stay home & have babies lor!

Fashionasia said...

paris: thanks! im still thinking if i should work or stay home.

dancing queen: yey! cross fingers!!

kris: thanks! & oh i havent even open them yet!! they're just too precious..hehe..

wuching: kekeke...full-time housewife is 24hr job okay....even more scarier... :) but see la how

Anonymous said...

If you are always tired, you could be pregnant. Might want to check it out. Hope everything will work out fine for you. said...

How is your online shopping website doing? Cheers

Anonymous said...

Good luck with finding the right job FA! Yeah, anon could be right, you could be pregnant :D

Your hubby so sweet *jealous*

Fashionasia said...

anonymous: i never ruled out that possibility too...but i have no idea how to check that...could be a false alarm

littleblackbook: once i quit n have more time! its coming!!!

blissful: ya....hope so. n hopefully something that i like. :>
hubby flying again!!! boohoo