Sunday, January 14, 2007

Takalon Anti-Stress Facial Mask

You can never imagine how stressed my life has become lately..........
some funny restructuring thingy is happening in the office and I am totally totally stressed out i just feel like walking out of there and just quit with immediate effect.......butttttttt im still hanging could be a good could be worst than is already is.....but i'll give it some time and test the waters before i make any hasty movements. We'll see how it goes..

So due to much stress and heavy workload, i've totally neglected my beauty regime. I've done nothing and applied nothing to my skin for such a long time I'm begining to feel sorry for my poor skin. So far i've only manage to cleanse my face and i go straight to bed without doing any toning nor moisturizing......and i think the effect is kicking in.

Thus, I've decided that since it is sunday today, i should give my face a much needed treatment and I chose my favourite clay mask from Takalon.
I really love this mask for the fact that it is an Anti-stress mask. Very relaxing indeed.
Secondly, this one which is Honey/Almond smells very nice, pleasant and soothing.
I usually buy mine from the local Watson's pharmacy. I reckond you can find them at guardian too.
Its priced at around RM5-6 per pack and usage wise, it can normally last me twice. After washing them off, you'd feel that your skin is very relax, smooth to touch and soft fragrance feels soooo niceeee.....

sigh....the weekend has ended
its monday can i rid of my intense dislike for monday??
Have a good week ahead!



Anonymous said...

Girl, you SHOULD go for monthly if not once bimonthly facial session! Must must must... I just did mine last Sat... so syiokkk... and spa too ;)

But I'll give this Takalon mask a try too... but hor, me is the damn lazy type... very malas to do all these on my own...

Pssst... Just think that Flyday is just 4 days away... *wink*

Anonymous said...

Monday's my fave day now because I don't work Mondays, yippee! But I hate Tuesdays *pouts* and that's tomorrow! Take it easy, FA.

Wuching said...

sorry i din call u while in kl..too busy lah! hehe

Fashionasia said...

angel: yes ma'am......*pull both ears*....i've been notty....neglecting my self pampering sessions...wat to doooo.....

clair: i tot u dont work AT ALL!!!! hey freelance isnt it??
i oso wanna go freelance when ppl r sleeping and sleep when ppl r working...i like!! :>

wuching: YOU'RE BACK!!!!! miss u laahh....aiya....y u din call me ler.....nevermind...wat2doo...people sooo famous like celebrity like that...memang pun bloglebrity lah hor....Nevermind, I plan to go aussie this year and when I do!!! sure kacau u!!

LX said...

I'm hitting key-bearing age this year yet never been to facial (can't afford!), neither have I done mask before. Hmmm.. should I start soon?

Fashionasia said...

lynnx01: key bearing age?? i tot i saw child bearing age....Seriously, i know most beauty experts will encourage you to go for facials. I however beg to differ. Im almost 30 but ive never been to a facial session before. My rule is, if it aint broken, dont fix it. :) cos i heard that you will aggrivate the pores and u'll get lotsa break-out the first time u do it, so that totally put me off.... im sure angel will disagree with me :P

Anonymous said...

haha... it's natural for u to be sked if your face is still a "virgin"... i felt the same too at first but surprisingly, first time was okay. HOWEVER, 2nd time alamak... must be the product not ngam with my face, got rashes! OMG! Horrors of HORRORS!

then i stopped for abt 2-3 yrs before i was pujuk-ed to try at another place. the beautician did a good job during shoulder massage, and face massage too. actually facial does not only 'helps' the face, but also can destress our stressful life...

alamak, talk so much pulak... sorries... anyway, i find that nowadays my face 'cleared' up quite a bit... not that my face was so bad to begin with la... :P

Anonymous said...

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LX said...

I agree to your rule, Fashionasia. Key bearing age as in 21 years old.. hehe..

Anonymous said...

Does this mask suit for skin care for dry skin?