Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Jurlique Rose Hand Cream

I guess that when you grow-up, you receive lesser and lesser christmas presents by the year....and unless you start giving out more pressies so that you'd get some reciprocal -obligatory return gifts......(which to me has no meaning at why bother)'d be receving none other than those gift exchange from the office...

This year the amount of gifts i received is practically coming to a diminishing state.......its kinda depressing......come-on la.....after getting married already means no more gift for me izzit??? or...izzit!!
But this year i received something special that lifted my spirits and made me feel really special from a dear blogger galpal Jemima!! Wow, she sure is a gem.......she bought me my christmas present all the way from australia!! and its Jurlique! Australia's own brand too!! The tube is actually a hand cream with light fragrance of roses. The cream is quite thick so I need not squeeze alot for application. The hand cream is non greasy too so I dont feel uneasy after application. The best thing about it is apart from the hands, it is good for the cuticles too! I've read good reviews about this product before and now I finally own one too!! I'm so happy!!! Apparently it works great for those with dry skin....and so far i've tried it and It made my skin felt really soothing and moist. I love the delicate scent it leaves on my skin too.
Thanks Jemima!!

ps. yours will arrive 2morrow. :> Finally got it cauriered over today. Sorry for the delay......hope you like it!



hi tHere... ur baSed iN maLaysia? thOughT u'D Like tO chEck mY bLog... iM frM shah aLam...


Anonymous said...

What a great review! Hope Jurlique reads this & then both of us will get our free supplies from them. hehe

I'm so very glad that you love it, my friend. I love it, too. :D

Will let you know when I get mine. I'm sure I'll love it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Argh, I must be getting old. No one gives me presents any more. I'm the one buying all the presents!! *sob*

Anonymous said...

I love your beautiful gift very much, FA.
Will treasure them for always.

Thanks so very much & HUGS!

p/s will wear the goldie colour set to a friend's wedding... suits my outfit perfectly. :)

Thanks again!!!!!

PP said...

What a lovely gift! :) I'd read a lot about it too and now you make me want to try it :p