Monday, December 11, 2006

Qtones Colored Contact Lense

Last week when I came home from work, I saw a poslaju for me. And as I opened it up, it was a pair of colored contacts from Qtones!

If you look at my top banner, I have an ad for Qtones. I really like the banner as the color blends well with the color of my banne
r. :> It is a paid ad albeit a small amount but hey, a little goes a long way.....besides.....pocket money is always good.

As they are my advertiser, I was offered a sample contact lense in turn for a review. Fair enough.
I like the idea of more colored contact brands to choose from instead of just FreshKon and FreshLook who seems to be dominating the current market. I think FreshKon is still no.1 here in Malaysia.

Qtones colored lenses is from Korea, as oppose to Freshkon and Freshlook who is frm the western countries (US,I think). I suppose, Qtones being from Asia understands Asian requirements better.

I will not be bias, my review will be based on my personal opinion.

Firstly, the packaging.
As i recieved mine from the mailbox, the box was a little squashed. However, they do have a uniquely designed packaging. Although I thought it can look better and more professional.

As I open up, I have a pair of colored lenses in BLUE.

(Yes I requested for BLUE as Ive decided to be more adventurous). On top of that, there is a piece of paper with value
ble information that teaches you how to handle your lenses, especially for first time users these are great information, Kudos to that as I think those are great information. But, personally I suggest that if it is your first time using contact lense you should ask the optimetrist to teach you how to handle them and how to place them correctly into your eyes. After that, its practice practice practice!

Soooooo.... I have a comparison of my current FreshKon in hazel(right) and the Qtones in Blue(left) here.

As you can see Qtones color is alot bolder and sharper where else FreskKon colors are lighter.

Qtones have a larger diameter of the color and a more define and bold black border lines. This I was told is able to make your eyes look bigger.
If you are shy to show colors and want something less noticible then FreshKon is a great choice as the colors seem more natural to me.
Qtones color is more similar to that of FreshLook that will give you bolder, brighter and noticeable colors.
Currently, Qtones only offers 5 colors to choose from, which is Grey, Brown, Blue, Green and Violet.

The Good:
The special feature about Qtones Colored lenses is that the colors are set within the lenses. This means that you do not have to fear that the colors will fade or chip-off and goes into your eyes as many will definately be worried of. The colors are also bolder and brighter. And thirdly the diameter of the color is of a larger circumference thus making your eyes look bigger. Lastly, the price may be a little steeper but they last up to 3 months. After putting them on, I thought the lenses were quite comfortable.

The Bad:
The packaging can be improved to make it look more branded as currently I find that they look a little lack in class.
It retails at USD26.60(approx RM100) ( I thought it is a little pricey but then the shipping is FREE, and I cant quite compare them to FreshKon (RM60) because FreshKon is a 1 month disposable but Qtones lasts up to 3 months.
I cant seem to find them at the retail outlets yet.

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Anonymous said...

But I think I heard some optician said that it's best to keep disposable lenses no more than a month even if they said it'll last. Protein accumulation on the surface no matter how well you clean it....heh

I think I might prefer the FreshLook ones looks more natural...

Eh..put up your eyes pic with the contact lenses on so we'd know how it look like ler!! Sample pic!