Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Talking about Lipsticks

I've just realized howmuch chemical I have put into my body.

Take a look at this:

The one on the right is a pink lippy from Red Earth. I did not like it that much and therefore it is still pretty much untouched albeit occasionally.
The one on my left was once my favorite lippy. Its from Cybercolors. I left it in my office and therefore my hand just reaches out for it everytime my lips felt dry.....thus........its almost gone by now. WOW!! I normally never finishes my lippy unless I really really like them. Like my maybelline watershine in juicy bubblegum.

Gulp....imagine I practically "ate" them because I believe while 50% might have gone to the tissues, 50% is inside ME!!! Yucks.....Imagine chompping on lipsticks as food.
Hmm.....Now i do hope they make lippy's from natural ingredients......because this cant be good for digestion.


Wuching said...

try sucking on it!

Anonymous said...

So many lipsticks! GOSH!

I haven't kena that addiction yet. Maybe one day I will ;)

Oi, I got confirmed to you that I work in XXX meh? :P

So clever someone. Haha!

Anonymous said...

heya, thanks for droppin by. i left a reply, on how to set the favicon. let me know if it still dun work. cheers! happy writing wif ppp :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe its only 25% consumed coz don't forget the amount left behind on coffee cups ;)

Anonymous said...

It's probably a lot of lanolin, can't be that much worse than all the chemicals and hormones in everything we already eat and consume anyway.

I like your Red Earth lipstick's orangy color a lot, have never tried their stuff, just see their ads with Vicky Zhao a lot.

Ms J said... lipstick dont last long either - even when i was single and there not kissing anybody! try MAC, i swear they lasted the longest!

Moi said...

Ya...imagine how much lipstick we will actually injest in a lifetime. hopefully none of it stays in our system!!

chong y l said...

FA: HI! (My lips got stuck, can't whisp anyAmore!:)

nyonyapenang said...

come to think of it, everything oso got chemicals. all that we sapu on our face and skin oso got absorbed into the body lor.