Thursday, November 30, 2006

Special Discounts for FashionAsia Readers from Mobile Edge!! Ho ho ho

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!! I guess Christmas came early this year because I just receive a comment from Mobile Edge for my laptop bag post....guess what?!! Not only do they offer me a discount. They're offering all my readers the same discount as well!! Now how sweet is that?!

"Thanks, we appreciate the kind words about Mobile Edge laptop cases. We take pride in offering the largest collection of fashionable laptop cases designed by women for women.

As our way of saying thanks, we are offering a 20% discount just to Fashion Asia readers. Simply type in Coupon Code: FashAsia upon checkout and receive an instant 20% savings on all products, and yes we do ship to Malaysia. :) This is good through Dec. 31, 2006. " Matthew,MobileEdge

hahaaa!!! This totally made my day.....i mean how often do you get to have a Coupon Code named after you?!! Apparently Mobile Edge is available in Singapore already. Andddd.....Matthew will make my Komen Paris Backpack available for me!

The only thing for me to do now is to convince my hubby to buy it for me as christmas present. ahemm....ahem...........must really cook the chicken pongteh to earn me this baby yah?

Enjoy my readers and take full advantage of this opportunity! Believe me, it is NOT EASY to find a product online that actually ships to Malaysia let alone getting a discount.

Now go over there pronto and get yourself a christmas present! I'll let you know which one I decide to buy later. :)

Thanks so much Matthew!!!


Ianfluenza said...

WAH!! Ms FA so femes!!! LOL!! I don't think I'm elligible though... hehe!

Wuching said...

u memang femes liao!

Anonymous said...

Wah! wah! WAh!

Fashionasia said...

ian: yes u're eligible too as long as u read me :)

wuching: nolaaa....u more femes

moi: ya i know!!

checheh: :) notbad ya

Anonymous said...

Jemima kowtows to FA from Melbourne!

Anonymous said...

Hi Fashionasia,

We at Mobile Edge Asia Pacific (S) Pte Ltd would be pleased to deliver the carry cases from Singapore. Please contact us at +65 6344 0400, or email us at (attn: Mr. Denison Seah). Let us know the product you would like to purchase (20% discount is valid).

Thank you.

Mobile Edge Asia Pacific (S) Pte Ltd

Anonymous said...

Clap clap clap :) Way to go, FA!

Fashionasia said...

idah: thanks Idah, You'll get my order soon enough. :)

Clair: hehe....just my luck come christmas. :)