Friday, November 17, 2006

Keeping It Real...(Warning: Long........whiney post)

I have many many things on my mind.....
Thats why I cant make up my mind on what to blog about.

First of all, Like what my title today says....Keeping it real. I'd like to keep my blog as it is. Although many out there have succumb to the word of money making online and what nots. I still feel that an innocent, real and personal blog like mine should be kept as is.
Of course I do have my google adsense on, I also took on a paid advertisement from (Qtones- the colored contact lense that you see on the top here), recently sign-up with Payperpost too. Really, money is indeed knocking on our door every minute and It is pretty hard to resist when it seems to be so near......reachable within arms-length.

Truth is, the thought indeed flashed across my mind to turn my blog into a powerhouse-Money generating channel. However, It would be really sad to have lost my personalization and turn it into something commercial. Its just too sad. And, I cant make myself to do that. Which, I do think that my readers would be grateful. Sometimes, we just want to read about "honest opinions" as well as a true, not-so-perfect story about a life of a person. Which, in this blog case would be about "me". Ms.Fashionasia.

Of course, I would do reviews most of the time. I'd like to let you all know that untill now, non of my reviews are paid reviews. I used my own money to purchase them and I review them from my own personal experience. It would be great If I'm given products for free so that it wont be such a burden on me. But well, I dont write for the sake of money and I write for the sake of others. As nobel as it may sound, it is the truth. I just want people to be aware of the good and bad of the stuffs before they embark on a buying spree. This is my main motive for writing reviews. Why? Because I would love to have people telling me what to expect from something that I want to buy too.

I feel quite sad that now, there are many paid review programs going on around the blogsphere and I really dont know if what i'm doing is worth it anymore. I've signed up with PPP. I have yet to get my blog approved. But, will see how it goes. But you guys have my word for it. I will only do reviews on fashion and beauty products. Please dont hate me because It will eventually fund my products buying spree for more reviews. :) I will keep it as real as possible.


On another note,
Lots of projects and work coming along in the office, which brings me to almost nill amount of time for anything else except my mandatory read-reply emails. Hey I'm not complaining. Having projects coming in is a good thing.....for performance sake. On top of that, my immediate superior have just talked to me about something exciting for next year, and lets just say that I'd be elevated. Really elevated to a very good position.
Its good news, but it also comes with lots and lots of heavy responsibilities.
Whats making me even more stressed out is that recently, an old business acquantance of mine have joined a pretty huge company and is promoted as assistent GM! OMG..... AGM!!! and.....looked me up to join him in a pretty covetted position.

I am so torn. I am too overwhelmed.
At 1 hand, I have decided last month to quit my job and be a housewife. Probably go into some online business and work from home.
On the other hand, I'm at the peak and prime time of my working career. It is such a waste to throw it all away.
Im so torn. I want to make it big in the coporate world and this is my opportunity.
But i'm tired.......
It will be very very stressful........
I'm not sure how I can juggle between work and family.........
Decisions decisions......
Im in dire need to decide WHAT DO I REALLY WANT TO DO
and it is a tough one.


Anonymous said...

waa... u very happening... take one thing at a time...

i say do what you wanna do now. if it's too stressful, you can quit. if you don't, you'd be wondering, what if...

not sure if it makes sense... good luck! ;)

chong y l said...


Stay on course. You are at your PRIME!
(Wanna be a first Lady PM? I donmind being PR mAnAgAr err!)

Since you re o'lady doing Product Review, do it udnder newlylaunched ReviewMe.Com which seems to be attracting lots of attention by PPS pings -- remember my 30% from first Post eh!

PS: drop me a short msg via pls -- re: G7 Bloggers Meet...end-Dec 200S'X!

Anonymous said...

Payperpost seems to take forever to approve. I'm still pending too for a while. I tried reviewme but they won't accept me for too low traffic lol...:p I too intend to stick to writeups only regarding the subject I blog about. Its only fair to our readers.

Just do what you feel comfortable doing. Both for your blog and in your professional life. I'm at crossroads at work too :\ and the extra income doing what you enjoy won't hurt :)

nyonyapenang said...

i like your unbiased reviews in your blog. remember? you helped me with liquid eyeliner tips? thanks again.

as for the ELEVATION, go for it. any change of mind later, at least, you've 'been there and done that'.
all the best to you. ;)

Shiny Blue Black said...

Babe, do what you feel is right. All i know is I suspect on your dying day, you'll never wish you had worked more, but you might very well wish you'd spent more time with loved ones. Especially little loved ones.

All the best in making your decision...