Tuesday, November 28, 2006


[Note:image from google images]

Havent toyed around with claypot cookings for ages....
soooo....during my grocery shopping last Saturday at giant had me standing infront of pots and pans that eventually landed a RM14.99 claypot in my cart.
Oh goody. A new toy!! teeheee
I guess i bought them because of the blue flower motifs. Such a Vain pot!! (pun entirely intended)

Just thought I'd share something with you girlies out there. If you ever buy a claypot, make sure that you soak them in water for abit before using.........and then the first dish EVER you shall cook with them should be porridge. Yes cook Porridge first before you cook anything else with it!!!
Yup, I just learn that myself too....its written on the instructions that by doing so, you'll have the claypot function to its fullest and best...whatever that means. :)

So I did cook porridge. And then I cooked some beef noodles (didnt use the claypot for that of course), turns out pretty yummy too....and i found my beef tenderiser(is this how u spell it) at good'ol Giant.

I'm now planning to cook chicken pongteh one of these days if I can manage. Now where is my gula melaka I bought from Melaka beginning of the year.


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Melbourne!

Retail Theraphy is doing me GOOD!

Take care, my friend. :)

Wuching said...

did u ever found out why u have to cook porridge first?

Ianfluenza said...

Wah.. you sexist! Why men cannot use claypot??? Haha!! Joking ajelah ms FA...

Yeah, why must cook porridge first? How does that contribute to the maximisation of the claypot's functionality?

Anonymous said...

Are we invited for chicken pongteh? Maximize the use of your claypot mah LOL

Fashionasia said...

jemima: hey enjoy to the fullest galfriend!! maybe u can lookup Ian the lengchai...he's a stonethrow away frm melbourne.. And he is SINGLE!! kekek

wuching: they never tell!! but i think cos porridge is liquidy and it evens out the surface..something like that??!

ian: kekeke...sorry ha...i always assume my readers are ladies...but men are welcome too!! :) i also dunno...i suspect its bcos u cannot straight away cook dry stuffs....the thing might break

clair: kekeke...sure sure...but its such a small pot....n its gonna be my first pongteh!!