Monday, October 30, 2006

Dear Fashionasia: I think I'm ready to make-up....

Once awhile I do get really sweet comments from my blog readers. Also, once awhile I get readers who post me questions. I must say that it is quite flattering to have people come to you for advice. Although I am aware and i'm sure my readers are aware that I am no professional, but what i can offer is my sincere and real advice from my little pocket of experience. So today Ms.Fashionasia is playing Dear Thelma! woohooo....

Since, this particular enquiry touches my heart in many ways, I've decided to make a long post out of it.

The enquiry goes like this and i quote:

"Anonymous said...

hi! great blog! love it. erm, i just want to ask you something...i`m 19 & believe it or not,ok, maybe you should,i never wore makeup..EVER..well, maybe a lipgloss but I want to know what kind of makeup is the best for beginners like me since I`m still not working & using my parents money? thanksss =) "

ah.....sweet teens, 19 and yet to touch make-up. I'd say "good for you!!"
Personally, I've used thick and heavy performance make-up every since I was 5??!! I've used make-up for as long as I could remember basically due to my involvement in dancing and performances that I can even make-up blind folded!! By age 8 I already know what was foundation and liquid liners!!

As much as I adore beauty products, I value "natural beauty" much more. So my advice to Ms.Anonymous is....."IF" you have great skin, dont bother with make-up!! The most you should invest in is a good lipstick/gloss....and thats it. Forget about foundations, forget about any form of make-up items.....but if you like to enlarge your eyes and make it flicker worthy, perhaps a little liner and mascara will do the trick. That i find Is more than enough already.

I'm a strong advocate for natural beauty. I like everything natural, believe me I dont even like to do anything to my hair and I have mine au'naturale all the time, havent dyed them for almost a decade!

If you are still studying, I dont see any reason why you should make-up and also since you're saying that you're still living on your parents, really there isnt any point to spend so much on make-up. I know I may sound very "aunty" and can rattle on like and old hag!! but trust me, you'd come to your senses and thank me when you reach 30 and still have beautiful skin :)

Make-up undeniably is God-sent only for those with flawed complexion. But once you "start" to make-up, its unstoppable. Meaning, if you're ready to start experimenting with make-up, you must be ready for
No.1:continueous investment a.k.a extra expenses
No.2: Extra time needed to get ready all the time
No.3: You won't be able to go out of the house without make-up anymore.
No.4: better skin-care to counter the side-effects of make-up (dry skin, dull skin..etc)

With that said, if you think you are ready for make-up. I will make the recommendations below:

These recommendations are for those young (non-problematic skin) but want to learn the basics of make-up.

1. Make-up base
Although foundation is really wonderful once you have found the one suitable for your skin and that blends and matches your skin tone. I would not recommend you to try any. Leave the skin looking natural and unclogged, I like the youthful radiance young skin has to offer.

However, to cover up blemishes, spots, freckles, dark under-eye circles..etc. You can buy a good concealer and just dab a few dots to cover-up those areas.

The body shop stick concealer is a good one to try. They look exactly like a lipstick and it can last a pretty long time.

2. Blushes
This is optional but if you like to have rosy cheeks and look like cute japanese schoolgirls. Blushes is the trick. However, I really dont want to push this to amatures because if you don't know how to put them on, you'd end up looking like a clown. Hmm....ok....if you dont have the confidence, skip it. But a tip about blushes, always buy those with HUGEEEE brush....small little brushes cannot do anything for your cheeks. Alternatively, you can buy a blusher brush on its own (best bet).

3. Eyes
1. Liner/shadow
I find that, just a little liner will do the trick and therefore there is no need to invest in eyeshadow because once you buy'd think that you need to cover every color there is on the face of the earth to match every damn blouse you have. BIG INVESTMENT!! save it. You don't need funky colors, trust me. I have many pallettes that is untouched. Go for save colors like the basic black and white. Silky girl has this color-duo called "ying yang" which is a duo-combination of a black and a white shadow color. It retails at about less than RM15. Should be good enough for ALL occasions. However I have yet to try them so I'm not so sure if it is that easy to work on. However, I do have a white-shimmer creme-based eyeshadow in a tube of white that is so virsitile, I can carry it anywhere I go and just smudge some on my eyelids and i'm good to go! But, Its a japanese brand and I cant seem to find it in Sasa anymore.

This is an example of a creme based shadow that you can try, this may not be available in Malaysia but look for something similar. Get simple colors. I prefer white. But you can get a light blue if you like as it is easier to match with clothes.
Dont need to use mascara untill later years lah.....Its very messy. :)
For liners, hmmmm......perhaps you can skip this too if you're a beginner, however if you like, you can try the Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil. They have a whole range of colors, can be used as liner or even shadow color.

4. Lips
Of all make-up items. I'd say that a good lipstick will do all the trick. Even on lazy days, before you go out just put on some gloss and you're ready to go. Can't recommend any colors because you have to find the perfect one that suites your skintone. To prevent chapped lips, use lipgloss. Else, look for moisturizing lippy.

Now there....I guess that pretty much covers my answers to Ms.Anonymous. Hope it helps!




Wuching said...

you're turning ms. anonymous into a consumer now!

Anonymous said...

So cute!

I think I wanna blog about how I started using make-up lah. When I'm free. Hahahhahaha.

Anonymous said...

U can try forum for makeup instructions..

Anonymous said...

The fashion expert has spoken, better listen up, y'all ;)

Anonymous said...

Lol at Ms. Thelma but you gave great advise to Ms/Mr. Anon ;)

Fashionasia said...

wuching: better for the economy mah!!

skay: haha...lets hear it!

evelyn: oh ya...been there....but the crowd is a little too "young" for my liking... I prefer Makeupalley

clair: desi would call me a sexpert!!! hehehe.....dont send your teens here!! bad for your wallet. :)

paris: When I cant handle them....I know exactly where to send them... *winks*