Sunday, September 10, 2006

Feeling Good

So its Day 5 of my diet jottings........I have not seen any weight reduction but i do feel better nontheless so i think its a good sign.

Good news is that I met an acquaintance that i havent seen for about a year or so today and he commented that I lost some weight at that i look ALOT slimmer now... to my ears.........I must say its such a delight to hear that......
after having recently being commented by some ppl that i've "prospered" :P

Anyhow, I do feel great today with my gold bohemian skirt that fetched quite alot of compliments coupled with those ugly wedges i bought from studio ....received compliments for the wedges too.... many compliments.....Today is such a Lovely Lovely day!!


Day 4:

Morning : none
Lunch: rice + vege + sweet&sour fish balls
Dinner: chocolate banana pancake @ waffle house,1U

Had some snacks in between......prawn crackers and some dried guava slices

PS. I'm being lenient to myself......not much restrictions and i'm not detoxing yet......Just moderating my own food intake and make sure i reach my goal to loose 5kg by Dec.
I think this is a good idea....because everytime i want to eat anything sinful.....I'm reminded that I HAVE to post them here and definately going to be criticized so....its helping.....
Self control.....self can do it!


Anonymous said...

Fashionasia Boleh! ;)

Wuching said...

another compliment; might i say u look absolutely stunning today with that bohemian skirt!

Fashionasia said...

jemima: yey!!

wuching: u added sunshine to my lovely day!! :> hugsss