Monday, September 25, 2006

Estee Lauder Idealist Micro-D, Best Scrub Ever!

I have a sample size Micro-D that I totally forgotten about! Well, i'm definately under-scrub if there is such a word. I normally remembers to wash, tone & moistorize but forgot the once a week scrub! I just remembered awhile ago so i reached out for my Micro-D and wow...can't help touching my own face over and over....its sooooooooo smoooooothh!!! I really love the Idealist Micro-D.

The reason that we need to scrub our face about once a week is so that we can remove the dull and dead skin cells, stimulate regeneration of new skin and remove oil and toxins.
Especially for those with blackheads/whiteheads....its a good practice to scrub regularly. But please! Scrub is NOT to be done on a daily basis...although there are some products outthere that claims it is safe for daily use....please dont. Having tiny beads scratching your face on a daily basis will NOT "sandpaper" your skin to be smoother, you are not a piece of wood remember that.

Idealist Micro-D is called a Refinisher by Estee Lauder......Under the "Idealist" product line, its supposedly to refine the skin making it smoother and minimize pores.
I'll quote estee website for further explaination:
"Idealist Micro-D Deep Thermal Refinisher, an at-home alternative to micro-dermabrasion. It warms skins to help open, de-toxify and minimize pores while a TripleSphere Refinishing System™ delivers dramatic skin resurfacing benefits. Use it in combination with Idealist and skin’s smoothness and even tone are significantly enhanced." -unQuote

I like that it is Thermal, meaning it heats up while you scrub. I just squeeze approx 10sen (RM) coin size into my palm, lather it with little bit of water and you'll feel them heating up. Then in circular motion, scrub through from the bottom(chin) and work the circular motion upwards. Do a little massage about 1-2 minutes. Rinse well with water. You will immediately feel that your skin is as smooth as a baby's bottom! Seriooooooous. I really can't help touching my face over and over as if it isnt mine. :) I must remember to scrub more often.
I'm topping up with my Idealist later before I go to sleep.



Anonymous said...

Hey!Thanks for the review. :p

Btw, it's Ok to give the tag a miss but I've plugged you again on my latest post. hehe ;)

Have a great week, FA. :D

Anonymous said...

totally agreed - i scrub once a week with Biotherm and i give it a definite thumbs up :)

Anonymous said...

hi, got invite to my blog?

i used estee lauder before.. the whole set... but after sum time like no results... so i stopped...