Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Clinelle Moisture Glow

Couple of days ago, I realized that my Christian Dior Capture Day moisturizer is running out. I couldn't pump the bottle anymore.......
As I haven't decided which luxury moisturizer shall I go for to replace this one, i've decided to drop by the pharmacy and get myself a drugstore product. A not too cheap and not too expensive one.....and immediately I had the Clinelle in mind.

And so in less than 5 minutes, I settled for the Clinelle Moisture Glow. RM35.80
Innitially I thought that Clinelle is a US product but , judging from the website, it seems to be from Malaysia although they do claim that it is formulated in US.

Although I find that the price is slightly on the high-side for a drugstore item, but the Clinelle moisturizer is really quite good. I like the fact that it is...

Quote : "
  • Non-comedogenic, No Artificial Colouring
  • No Artificial Fragrance, No Lanolin, No Mineral Oil
  • No SD-Alcohol, 100% Natural Essential Oil "
After using it for a couple of days now.....I find that i'm liking it for its lightweight and non-greasy texture and very mild/no fragrance.


Anonymous said...

I like their pimple gel. I was too lazy to buy a tube adi since i hardly get any huge ass ones but a few nights popped out and I just couldn't stand it so i went to buy a tube. Applied the gel for two nights in a row and fuiyoh...gone terus! I swear by Clinelle's pimple gel =P

Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like great stuff! I never thought to try this brand.

S-kay: i need that pimple gel! :p

Fashionasia said...

skay: I never tried it b4...really that good?! hmm....then must try la in that case

tuk: pretty impressive really...didn't expect it to be that good actually.

Anonymous said...

tempted to buy the Clinelle Eye Bright.. wonder if any good tho..

Fashionasia said...

hi jo, havent tried it but I think its safe to try Clinelles products....their moisturizer is absolutely the best! Reduced my pimple eruption alot even my hubby noticed!! I tried the pimple gel...its pretty good too.

Anonymous said...

i actually bought the eye bright liao. used for a week. wonder how long i use only will see effect.

or may be no help liao my eyes too 'chan'


Anonymous said...

I bought eye bright too. I use for more than 2 months but seem like no effect to me.

But i found that clinelle deep cleansing gel work well on my skin.

Another thing is, i bought moisture booster from Clinelle. After i use for 1 week plus, skin near my nose and mouth area started to peal off (very urgly). Can anyone help to comment on the above? Do i have to use other moisturaiser after applying the moisture booster?

Anonymous said...

I think ur skin peel off is bcoz the cleansing gel, not because the mosturizer..the cleansing gel might be too dry for ur causes imbalance PH for ur skin..(mayb)mayb u should try some milk cleanser instead of gel cleanser..Im using the Cleansing gel too..I think still fine..but sometimes I feel tightness on my face..Mayb after finish I shall switch to the milk type..

Vivien said...

i love their deep cleansing gel, don't have the tight feeling after using it... "Eye bright" seems to have no effect on me.