Monday, August 07, 2006


As i mentioned I've bought quite a number of things from sportsgirl this trip, I'd like to display my favourities item of all.

For those who've followed me long enough would know that lipglosses are my weakness. :>

Below. A Mini keychain gloss!! Its so tiny! So cute! perfect for travelling!
Only AUD9.95
Initially I only bought 1. Then I realize I may not be able to get hold of it anymore once I finished this so I bought another one on my last day. :>

So just some pics to show you how cute it is!


Anonymous said...

They are so...cute. :p
What "flavours" are they or are they just ordinary tasteless ones?

Btw, if you need help finding a place to stay within walking distance from Chadstone.. for your future trip.. please let me know. I'll be glad to help. :)

Have a great working week.

Thanks again for sharing your Sportsgirl purchases..

PP said...

ooh so cute!! :D But arent you afraid they'll unscrew and you end up with a pocketful of gloss?

Naddy said...

aahhh i miss sportsgirl...

Mumsgather said...

What a lovely keychain. I wouldn't mine having one.

Anonymous said...

Cute and very handy.

Anonymous said...

cute...very cute...

it would definitely make a nice gift...


eh..nice fingers u have there.
and of course good bargain for the lipgloss.
Miss Myers too.

Fashionasia said...

amelia: far i didn't taste flavours this one...Thanks for ur offer! sure do hope i getto visit chadstone again!

tuk: neh....i don't use the keychain, the cap is pretty well secured

naddy: so cool rite! wonder why they don't franchise?

mumsgather: i remember i saw something very small from watsons...but quality wise i don't know la..

clair: yup indeed....good for travelling bcos i need mini-everything!!im such a sucker for anything mini...

laksa: i thought so too! was thinking that it'll make a great christmas gift.

pu1pu3: haha...was hoping noone notice my stubby fingers!! Myers is ok lah....but still Msia is a much better shopping place!

Gaven said...

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