Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Shitty Sight

I'm feeling pretty moody and shitty right now.

I just had my eyes checked and suprise suprise...... my short sightedness have increased by 100 freaking degree!!
That is A LOT for a short period of about 1 year?? since i last had my eyes checked. And I AM VERY UPSET about this.

To make things worst, I went to this shop in 1U but somehow non of the power that the guy prescribed seem to make my eyes feel comfortable. I felt dizzy and floating when I was wearing them thus I refused to the power he prescribed and wanted to get a slightly lower power that my eyes felt more comfortable, which was only about 25-50 deg increase of my existing power.
However when i was going to make my order, the girl told me that they will not gurantee the glasses because I insisted of a different power. So i asked her what if i felt dizzy and had to change it? she sayed id be charged RM120 for it. Wow.......normally they have a 2 weeks warranty at that if you're uncomfortable within the 2 weeks you are allowed to get it changed.

Soooooooooo I hasitated. And went to another optician for second opinion. Well, the machine told me the same. I had an 100 increase. :(
But i couldnt find any frames to my liking on that shop so i didn't go through the eye-checking process. I hate it.

So, i decided to buy myself new disposable lenses and test for myself if i'm ok with the new prescribed power.
As i've always been fond to try out blue color lenses, I bought a box of Freshkon BabyAqua.

Really lovely color although it kinda make me look like an alien, i tried it anyway the next day.
Less than an hour having them on, i felt funny on my right eye and discomfort. Went to the restroom to have them checked.....
While re-adjusting them, it just tore apart. Blardeee freaking tore on me!!!! I suspect its already torn when i bought them because i didnt do anything!!! And i'm not new to wearing lenses i know how to handle them what. Sheeshhh......RM50 down the drain in less than an hour.

Shitty or not you tell me?? I'm soooooo upset right now i wanna roar. GRRRRRRR

PS. Still no Merdeka post.....I'm still thinking. Was thinking and thinking and thinking but.....nothing good seems to be coming to mind. Sigh.........2 more days


Wuching said...

*GRRRRRR* go roar at the ppl who sold u the lenses!

Anonymous said...

I would definitely GRRRRRRRRRRR if that had happened to me.

Btw, I'm on tenterhooks - waiting for your Merdeka post. ;)
My final post for Merdeka will be posted tomorrow. You'll love th pics. I can guarantee. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey, they say that for contact lenses, you should wear 25 lesser than the power you use on your glasses. So if its 325, for lenses, you should buy 300.

I prefer FreshLook. Totally comfortable

irenekay said...

i prefer Fresh Look too..... i got mine at bsar 2 box, free one box....RM50, or wasit rm60...cant remember

u can actually complain back to the shop and ask them for another happen to me once (the normal lense) and they refund me another one

chong y l said...

You can lok Spectacular without glasses, or CONtact-lah!

Need more advice, Email DEZ @999931806@yaboo.con! April 1 badder than Ogos 31 rite, from the sound of your write precedent.-- Knotty Desi also roaring, my glasses broke at the high DESibels of your roar! 'xpect a saman/Bill thro the male soon:(

AP Merdeaka steal.