Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My regular hair saloon-- Kimarie SS2

Decided to trim my hair on Saturday. So as usual I drove to SS2 at about 11am and drop by my favorite hair saloon-- Kimarie (SS2 branch)

I've been frequenting Kimarie SS2 for as long as I could remember.......Probably 10 over years already. But those days while still a student and el'cheapo (because no money wat), I normally go for the RM5 student cut. Teehee...... Kimarie is the largest hair academy in Malaysia and they take in lotsa students to learn hairstyling. By "Student cut" it means your hair would be cut and styled by students in the academy. As my style of haircut during schooldays wasn't very adventurous thus it was not a high risk to take so RM5 for a new cut + shampoo & blowdry, it was really worth it.

These days, as I'm a working lady, I have my own income and I can afford to pamper myself once a while so ya I've gradually advanced into going for the "Senior Cut".

I'm not sure about the pricing these days but in Kimarie there are basically 3 ranks to pick from.
1. Junior Cut
2. Senior Cut
3. Professional

Price I don't actually remember but its something to the range of RM15, RM25, RM45 (not sure but something like that lah)
I think the price is very reasonable as the place is clean, modern, there are also some seats with computers that allows you to surf the net while having your hair cut.

My normal routine would be to go for Option2, which is "Senior" and I pair that with hair treatment. Normally would cost about RM100. I used to get charged RM120 (20 bucks extra!!) just because I have extra long locks. hehe....But I do it once every quarter so its not that painful to the wallet. If not mistaken, through my conversation previously, the stylist will be promoted to "Senior" once they have 2 years of experience. And "Professionals" would be the really experienced ones.

What i like about going to Kimarie is that they change their stylist pretty often and therefore I'd get different stylist to do my hair each time. I like that because I like my hairstyle to look different if i'm actually spending good money on it. I don't like to have the same person doing my hair all the time. So Boringggg.

Another good thing about Kimarie is that most of the stylist are male! teeheeee.... I don't know about you but i personally prefer male hairstylist!!! Absolutely because i think they're talented! And also sub-reason is that you'd get cute-korean-actor-lookalike massaging your head while shampooing for you. *wink wink*

Anyhow, I got this pretty cute guy who did my hair this time. And he is actually pretty good as i love the outcome. Also, he automatically gave me a 15% discount !! Now I've NEVER had discounts before in Kimarie!!! Eventhough I'm quite a regular patron. So dude, you da man!! :>

I had a cut and treatment done and the bill came to about RM110 this round. Considerably cheap if you ask me. It cost me almost close to RM200 the previous time I was over at Cut-Inn couple months back(another saloon in SS2 that I tried, not bad also but old-fashion and quite expensive).

Soooo, if you're looking for a cheap and good haircut, you should give Kimarie a go.
A trip to the saloon always makes me feel great about myself because when your hair looks good, you feel good too!

Fashionasia flings hair and say I'm worth it!!


moz monster said...

Women tend to spend more on hair ... I simply go to my RM 9 barber who's been doing my hair since I was a baby boy ....

Anonymous said...

I had a cut, full dye (Loreal)& treatment for RM135 nett last month in Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

hi myfashionasia,

Kimarie ss2 my fren went b4, she told me so so only.....

I was thinking to try cut inn at ss2 but after reading your comments i'd have to hold back my selection.

Have u try culture hair design at ss2 also (rame row with crimpers-just few shops next to the tayar shop ~ opposite sri siam rest)

actually my regular cut was at Vouch Stylisties but i dislike going there anymore as the hairstylist has mood swing and would throw in his tantrum with very sarcastic remarks on his client. Morever his charges isn't cheap at all. Hair wash & cut at bout RM90. Nevertheless, he is very good in hair cutting & perming but i find it arduous for me to go back there just for a hair cut and not to mention my petrol, energy, tolerance of his bad temper.

I really need a good hairstylist for my long hair. Any recommendations?