Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Back to reality

I'm back!
You know, the only thing on my mind since i'm back is to resign from my job and look for a job that is a foreign company but with office in PJ. That way, I'd get to travel often when I need to visit HQ.
I can't help but to compare our own country with OZ and...well, we fall short of course. Expecially in cleanliness, and town planning/road planning. How I wish not to come back. It's such a great place to stay. I guess the grass is always greener the other side.

Well, back to reality! Sigh........not very enthusiastic about that.

ps . Sportsgirl rawks!!


Anonymous said...

AC Nielsen looking for ppl...HQ in PJ summore and it's foreign

Anonymous said...

welcome back, dear. yeah, coming home after a vacation can be a little disconcerting - there should be a "de-compression" period for us to come back to terms with reality! LOL

yeah, agreed - Oz is a nice place to visit. the extra space and weather definitely are definite plus factors!

Anonymous said...

Hi... glad to that you're back.. :)

Looking forward to your posts on your Oz purchases... from Sportsgirl, perhaps! hehe

chong y l said...

welcome back -- hope you brought back some flowers and canned kisses from nicole kidman; did you give that urbanite some malaysiana to remember US by?

Re vacancy, I need a bulletproof reader; do you accept kangaroo checks?

Naddy said...

which part of aussie u went? yeah sportsgirl best... when i was studying in aussie, always go to sportgirls, just jeans etc etc :)

Arena Green said...

Welcome back - bet you had a great holiday ... share with us ok?

PP said...

ah that explains the silence :) welcome back and can't wait to hear about your trip and hauls :)

Ianfluenza said...

Come come come! Gimme a lowdown on where you've visited! Hehehe! Too bad didn't get to bump into you in Melbourne. Maybe I did but didn't know you. Hehehe!


yeah..sportsgirl memang best. did u get their famous cotton bag that comes in shades of blue, red and green?

Fashionasia said...

sk: got 1 blogger use to work there. Doesnt seem too good cos of office politics.

laksa: Thanks! nothing like a great vacation! OZ is beautiful in winter!

Amelia: I will see what i can post! :>

desi: i din't manage to see nicole no no kisses frm the missus. But i saw the piece of property that belonged to russell?!!

naddy: melb and sydney only..

AM: it was wonderful!! didn't want it to end....couldnt sleep the final night :(

tuktoyaktuk: and your hk trip sounds great too!

ianfluenza: We probably bump into each other at hungry jacks! heh... btw how do you eat em french fries without chilisauce??

pu1pu3: I didn't!!! only got the blue, green, red, yellow plastic bag.. :P

Anonymous said...

Mystiqangel is it?

Ianfluenza said...

'btw how do you eat em french fries without chilisauce??'

Well, I would normally ask for BBQ plum sauce. The fries are okay on their own, but with the plum sauce, it's complete... *drools*