Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Vain Pain

OK, I left a "slightly" sarcastic comment over at TigerJoe's post about the FHM 100 sexiest
women. And directed the WRONG crowd to mine. Oh sheeshh......get a life little kiddo.

I am NOT beautiful. I never ever once in all my 1 1/2 years of posting said that I AM beautiful.
I'm just a typical geek that is passionate about fashion. (although if you actually follow my post from the begining, i did showcase a BLURRIFIED face of me and my eyes and fingers....thats about it that i've shown so far)

I'm no longer young. Any modelling agency would call me ANCIENT and beauty pageant will not take me in because I no longer posses the "single" status. Talent contest will not accept my application due to breach of AGE limit.

Lets face it, I will never make it.
Here I am, having my own fashion shows on my blog and gathering my own crowd and bamwhamp........... "You've Got HATE mail!"

Oh wow, a taste of celebrity-hood (ok i'm fond of making up my own words)!! Am I getting famous? If I am, I'm hating it already.

Never wanted fame,
I knew it is just another game;
If ever, there will be no such thing as shame,
Whats left of me is only Vain.

[[Vain in both sense of the word.]]

PS. Thanks naja and amelia and those that stood-up for me. luv n kisses. muaks.

PPS. IF you HAVE to know......I look EXACTLY like my avatar. Now there.


Anonymous said...

hey? what actually happened?

whatever it is, hope you're feeling okay now.

as for the not-pretty-and-ancient self judgment, let me be the judge of that! photos please ;)

btw, you did post (somewhat discreet) pics of you in a wedding gown a couple of months back and I thought you looked alright :)

Anonymous said...

One thing I learnt is, never step on fanatics' shoes. If you do, prepare to ignore their senseless flaming. Or better, let them make a fool of themselves. Haha. But nothing beats stepping on an Amber Chia fanatic fool and proving that person wrong. So pathetic these people.

Anonymous said...

Anytime, my dear. You're most welcome.
Now that you have let it all out, I'm sure you feel a lot better. Hugs!

Truth is I can't stand anon commentors who leaves hurtful remarks. If he or she doesn't like what you post or your blog, just move on to the next blog without having to be nasty.

Btw, if you really look like your avatar, then you're really cute.

Take care & happy blogging! :)

Anonymous said...

once in a while i do get unwanted visitors too... tht's why i dun allow any anonymous comments... if they can make any nasty comments then have some balls to show their identity la right :)

Arena Green said...

Hi mdear! Trolls are everywhere - just dump them in the trash if it gets to u. Looks like u hv enough friends here who enjoy your blog. Keep your focus on your friends, not those anon shit-throwing jerks. Chin up! :-)

caffeinated said...

Don't be so modest you. I seem to recall a homecoming pageant..or was it prom?

You don't get to be queen if you're not beautiful :)

irenekay said...

oh well i did step on Miss Most-popular-blogger in SG's tail..... and she left some nasty remarks on my blogs....wat did i do.... ignore her, even she's on anon....... (ok lar, did argue abit with her but the only thing she respond was those bad words...not worth my time)
just dont n bother and stand firm of wat u belief...:)

Anonymous said...

fashionasia, check out my blog, i also kena mannn at my tag board... just becoz my dad gave me cash 4 my birthday... haizzz these ppl are so sick mann

chong y l said...

I'm half-blur what this's about
but i can eduactedly gas
when yoyu enter a Tiger's den
you oso go2bed with HISD clan

Some can be nasties
So you return as beastly
othervice just DELETE
I do, I have, will cuntinue:)

PS: Hey chill out
Have a tehtarik+miss sunthi!:)