Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Addressing the Dressing

I'd like to make a post to DT, who is a reader that left kind word and requested some opinion.
The question goes like this.

And I quote:

DT said...

Hi there, enjoy reading your blog. Was thinking if you could give some ideas on what to wear for my dinner come this sat - the theme "Blast From The Past". Thks ^_*


Sooooooooo.......DT! So exciting! Nothing beats dressing up for an occasion! And a theme party is really fun.
I have not any "GREAT" ideas but I do have some humble ideas that is worth some thought. If I understand correctly, "blast from the past" would mean dressing up like people from the different fashion era. Like example 30's would be the famous tweed matching suits, 50's can-can, 60's micro-mini, 70's punk...etc.

If you ask me, For a dinner, If you don't want to OVER-Do it and wanna play safe but still conforming to the theme, I'd recommend dressing up circa 60's. Like this.

Wear some chunky earings, bracelet and chunky necklace.
The hairdo is something that you can really play with.

Although for me to provide better ideas, i need to know more information about yourself like whats your bodytype, hairlength and so on. However, looking at the limited time you have till Saturday, I suggest you take a look at this informative site at
This is where i got the above pic from too.

Happy dressing-up Doll!!


Anonymous said...

I love your suggestions...I'm sure DT would appreciate them, too. :)

The chunky pieces, which are back in fashion now, will bring out the 60's era.

Thanks also for sharing the link. :p

Anonymous said...

Sobz...what a nice theme....I also wanna go =P

Anonymous said...

great suggestion - kinda reminds me of audrey hepburn, of whom i'm a big fan of.

nice, very nice...i suppose the guy (if DT is going with a date) could dress up ala Cary Grant!

caffeinated said...

hmm...from that comment, how did you guess DT is a she and not a he? just curious. :)

Fashionasia said...

woopsie!!! I just ASSUME that DT is a she?! dont we all love audrey hepburn? my fav show is My Fair Lady.
Soooooo if DT is a "he"........can I throw the question over to Laksa?? cos...I can only think of boring ol' Elvis. :P
hmm.....bell-bottoms n agogo pants...

Anonymous said...

Good advice! I like those dresses as well.

Anyway I have a DT in my life too. And DT is my bf. LOL!

But yes, let's all assume this one's a SHE ;)

Anonymous said...

Haha...this is fun. thks everyone for the gender-guessing thingy - I must say the blog owner has the correct assumption. Big thanks to Fashionasia - really appreciate this. It's gonna be fun and who knows might get to meet some Cary Grant there ^_*

Anonymous said...

wah i remember in the old days in those magazines like movie news and galaxie, there was always this local fashion guru that answers columns like this - ppl ask, they sketch and answer!