Friday, June 30, 2006

Dior Addict Lip Glosses- My Collection

So here we are at our Friday Lippy post again.
Today i'm showcasing my Dior Addict Lip Gloss Collection. As you can see, I'm a great fan of Dior Lippy!
Of course, I did not get them on regular etail price. (except for the lipstick on the far left which I bought or rather hubby bought for me normal price. Ouch.. About RM70 i think)

The others are all from the Dior warehouse sale I manage to go to last year. Sadly I missed this year's sale. Else, there will definately be more than 7 in the pic! :)

The one on top is not a gloss, its a lipstick. The thing i love most about it is the casing!! sooooooo gorgeous and classy. Its still brand new and i havent tried it on yet, but its light pink but ultra shimmery with shinyshinys. Good for disco i guess, that explains why its still untouched, I couldnt figure out when to use it. Among all I used the color gloss on the right the most. Its pink too, and the second would be the one on the lowest bottom. Its cherry translucent gloss. Lovely shimmers.
I haven't tried the blue and purple gloss!! haha....I have no idea why I bought them either. I just grab all available colors. But the gold one is really good. I put on my maybelline watershine lippy I recently bought in "hazelnut sauce" and added the gold gloss over it. Wow....dazzling effect........I look like the Dior J'Adore print ad !!! hehe...
Oh ya, I lost my most favouritestttttt Dior Plastic Gloss Lippy (yup the one i showcased before). It was and is still my favourite because I love the color. I haven't the slightest idea where it went!! Must have slipped from my bag. arggh....and I forked RM72 for It!! My OWN Money and not even halfway finish!! Oh well, I'd probably get myself a replacement one of these days. :)
Refer to my OLD Post on this.

Welp, that wraps up my Friday Lippy Talk!!
Have a Great Weekend Folks!!!
And those in Singapore....its shopping time!!! Shop tip you drop my friends!!!


PP said...

Ooh I love Dior lippies too! But I only like the Addict collection not the others. They aren't waxy and feel nice and light. Also the glosses don't goop all over the place and don't feel heavy. Nothing but love for this line! :D

Fashionasia said...

ahwenbaby: thanks....will try to share my personal experience on cosmetics be it good or bad. You have a sweet blog too. ;>

tuktoyaktuk: yupyup....dior addict glosses are really good. The only downside is the chuncky size. I like mine to be sleek to fit into the tiniest purse! hehe